>Woke up this morning, had a Blue Moon in your eyes. . . . . . .I woke up singing the Sopranos theme song. Despite serious spasms in the muscles surrounding my neck, and a pain relieving medication induced Fog that I slept through last night, I woke up in a great mood. Today is my 28Th birthday. Hooray for my Dad for not protecting himself in the spring of 78. I’m sure he had Zeppelin II on the turntable and a 6 pack of Miller Hi-Life to set the mood, so Dad, I salute YOU today. And Mom, though you’re never, ever on the World Wide Web, I thank you too. Cause without your sluggish metabolism and genetics which forced me to take up weightlifting in the first place, I would not be where I am today. And, Oh yeah, you were both really supportive of all my decisions and didn’t stand in my way when I turned 18 and Joined the Marine Corps and I love you guys and All that hooey.

For the REAL meat and potatoes of this post, first get familiar with what is happening in the World of Dragon Door publications. YIKES! Woke up this morning, and received ANOTHER straight up shock. Comrade Steve Maxwell tendered his resignation as a senior RKC. Unreal, I know. The Two Steve’s gone in a matter of a day. Gone to better themselves in another arena, I’m sure. Gone to take what they have learned and weigh it against other knowledge, and create something great, I’m sure. So Godspeed, Boys!

Yet I find myself concerned with the state of the Party. Should Sensei Pavel address the party? Should we all become familiar with what actually happened? Or should we thank the kind sirs for their help over the years, and let the dust settle? I think that the question I posed in yesterdays Post is now even more valid.

What can we as RKCs down in the trenches do to help the RKC System grow? Everyone who is here now, and those will are attending any of the RKCs this year are already familiar with the impact Steves Cotter and Maxwell had on the RKC program, as well as the contributions of the Recently Departed Mike Mahler and the seemingly expatriated Jeff Martone. AS well as the help given by Rob Lawrence and the Honorable SSGT. Nate Morrison. We don’t need to have a funeral for those dudes, we need to honor their work, recover the fumble, and break for the end zone. I’m sure that all of the gentlemen I just mentioned wish nothing but the best for us and would love to see positions of leadership filled by men and women, no , Strength Athletes, who want to help others by teaching, leading, and also, learning.

Now is the time whjen outstanding RKC Instructors will be given more responsibility and chosen to head up operations that will further the growth of kettlebells and overall well being in this great world. Remember, kettlebells are only one ingredient in the recipe. Steve Cotter trained with KBs after earning much respect and notoriety as a martial artist. Steve Maxwell trained with KBs to become a better Jiu Jitsu teacher/competitor, and, hell, Dragon Door offers a lot more than just KB resources. Qi Gong, nutrition, and general health are also large components of the dragon door menu.

SO I raise my Earl Grey to you all, and toast the future of any and all endeavors that may help any and all of us improve ourselves, our skills, and our ability to create, deal with, and commemorate change.
Never forget where you came from, as my dad would say, drinking a Hi-Life and listening to Led Zeppelin II.

Respect to you all.
Will Williams

3 Thoughts on “>Today is my 10,226th day on this Earth.

  1. >Cheers to you darling! Happy Birthday!

  2. Mark Reifkind on January 23, 2007 at 8:02 am said:

    >Happy B day Goomba!I think things will be fine at Dragon Door and the RKC will just grow even bigger and stronger with all those that are not interested in teaching the system gone.
    Who know how their projects will go, or even if they will get off the ground? One thing is sure is that DD and Pavel are the original and the best and have the momentum and the system ot kkep turing people on to the best, safest and most efficient way to train with a kettlebell.
    Glad you are on board will, you are an excellent asset.

    happy birthday and sorry about the neck pain, you know I know how all that feels.

  3. Sara Cheatham M.S., RKC on January 23, 2007 at 12:30 pm said:

    >Hey Will…I think I’ve added you to myspace once upon a time…anyway just wanted to say that I dig your writing style and views… Happy birthday, too! what kind of KB punishment is in the works for a day like today? 😉

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