>We’re all blue from projection tubes. It is so, so hot in my house right now. I mean NASTY hot. And there are bugs everywhere. This is what Cambodia must be like.

It is so hot that my dog is sleeping IN the toilet. It’s so hot my kettlebells went to my Mom’s house to chill in the AC. It’s so hot. . .well, you get the picture.

RKC II debrief:
It was cool. Lots of familiar faces, lots of camaraderie. Dinner fri, sat, and sun were great, and the training was top-notch. It bummed me out to see some folks not pass the course, but hey, not all girls can do a pull up, and not all humans can do a pistol. What was really cool was the transition from classroom to prac-app. We were given power points by Brett and Kenneth, both followed by immediate application of the skills discussed. Brett’s abstract of Gray Cook’s functional movement screening was excellent, and the hours we spent testing each other were very, very revealing. ON Friday my pistols SUCKED out loud. And the FMS allowed me to see why I had no pistol skillz. In addition, It is now clear to me why my ankles and hips are always trashed after s few weeks of hard training.

Kenneth’s snatch protocols were excellent, though my hands would say different. And when Rif had us on the foam rollers, there were so many groans and cries the auditorium sounded like, well, you get the picture.

Congrats to all! We did great, pass or no-pass (cause no one failed, mind you).

What i would like you all to do is get involved with the Gray Cook methodology, and to attend the next Level II training. Worth every penny. And for those of you who met Kevin Jodrey, are you not still laughing at the stories this guy was telling? Priceless.

And i”m out. Flight set to depart at 1335. Scored a ride to the airport to avoid the South Eastern PA Transit Authority route. R5 to R1 and then some son. I prefer the comforts of a Chevy Suburban.

Parting gifts for all Y’all: Try these two workouts while I am gone. You will need two bells for both.

“Snake Eyes Man Maker”: 2 x kettlebells of same weight.
Place one at each end of a standard 400m track.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 22 minutes.
20 swings of the one arm or hand-to-hand variety, run to other bell at swift pace, :30 two handed Hot Potato. The next two rounds increase the swings to 25 each arm and the Hot Potato to :45 and 1:00, respectively.

“Corpsman UP!”: Find a football field. Get scared. Two bells of same or different weight. Start at the goal post. Use all 120 yards of the field.

Swing/Squat/Snatch/Lunge or Clean and Press one bell for as total of 10 reps. Dump it and walk the other bell 10 yds out. Perform the same drill/rep scheme you just finished. Dump Your bell. Shuffle back and pick up the other bell. Carry it 10 yards PAST the bell you just dumped. Repeat this sequence as many times as you can in 20-30 minutes. “corpsman up” is what Marines and Sailors shout when they have a man down. You may need a Corpsman if you for all 30 minutes.

And remember: The water you drink today is for tomorrow. Stretch When you feel the urge. Do your homework, and listen to your parents, teachers, and coaches. And in case you didn’t know, my shit is off

>Dateline: 18 June 1100 hours. Grid 3372 E6. PW Athletic Club, West Chester, PA.

Mike and I arrive on the scene full of strength and confidence and undeterred by the 90 degree heat. Whether the gym was air conditioned or not, we were on our way to become better men.

When I registered I did not realize that I was the first one, on the first day. Qualifying is this whole week. And the roster for Thursday and Friday looked stacked. I felt stacked as I strapped on the iPod and loaded up Dropkick Murphy’s. Whitey explained the rules and I set out to put this bitch to bed in under 30 minutes. 6 exercises, 300 reps = 25 Pull Ups, 50 dead lifts with 135 pounds, 50 push ups (chest to floor), 50 box jumps at 22″, 50 clean and presses each arm with a 35lb dumbbell, and then another 25 pull ups. As the young lad from the gym explained the rules to me I realized that I would not be able to adjust my form to meet the “recommendations” of he and the rest of the staff. For example: On the pull ups you did not have to go to full arm extension on the eccentric portion, nor did you have to really get below 90 degrees at the elbow. The deadlifts did not have to include full hip extension to the point where it could be SEEN, Box jumps and push ups were strict, but when it came to the C&P, they did not really specify what WAS cheating, other than snatching the bell all the way to the top. I train for excellence in execution. Not this high rep get ‘er done shite. But hey, we’ll see right?

Here is how it went down.
10 Pull Ups, rest :20 Sec.
5 Pull Ups, rest :10 sec.
2 more sets of 5 with less than :30 rest between.

Deadlift 135 lbs., please. I hammered these out in one set. I swing bells. This was no problem. I grinned as 30, 40, 50 reps flew by.

Push Ups 5 sets of 10, got real tough at the end. I mean real tough. Know why? Cause I do all of them PERFECT. They were slow and controlled with no bounce of the chest off the floor and elbows fairly close to the body. Stood up and looked to the Colors for motivation.

Box Jumps. Roughly 7 sets to complete all 50. I think it went 10-5-10-5-5-5-5-5. Short rests between. These came at a point where a lack of wind (Yes, I lacked wind, and that really grinded my gears mate) was the signal for me to start calling upon mental energy. If I was trying to break 20 minutes I would say that my pacing sucked and I was a whiny cream-puff. But I went for 30 minutes, and In retrospect my pacing was excellent. So the images of men in Iraq, Mexican families coming over the border to escape the misfortune of living in Mexico, starving children, Irish potato famine, my Dad’s battles with life, and the belly under my shirt that shook in a fashion WAY to similar to a bowl full of Jelly ran through my head to keep me from succumbing to the growing desire to slow myself down and catch some O2. Forget That.

Clean and Pressing a dumbbell is lame. Maybe I say that cause it was hard. Anyway, the rest time I required between sets of 5 on each arm was way too long. I’m sure on the final 4-5 sets I rested close to a minute, and if that is true, then I can break 30 if I want to. Monday, I did not want to.

I actually thought for more than a half of a second that I may not finish this workout. As I cleaned and pressed I looked over at the pull up bar and allowed the burning sensation in my body to convince me that another 25 pull ups was not possible. Then I channeled the ghost of John Henry.

sets of 5-4-3-2, and 1 pull up got me through the final 25. I walked it out for 10 feet and then dropped. Hip flexors smoked and lungs searing like tuna tataki, I looked into the camera and said something lame. Mike went next and crushed my time by at least 7 minutes.

The comp was supposed to go like this: 18-22 June, qualifying rounds for men and women. Best 6 times from each group return on July 14Th to compete in the final. Winner takes 300 bucks. What the gym owner Brian decided to do was not disclose any times, and have ALL the competitors back on 14 July. Announce the best 6 men and women, and then run it from there.

He and the guy who timed my run mentioned that I was welcome back to run again and try to improve my time if I wanted through Friday. I laughed. I have a date with some RKC training this weekend, and would like to have my legs for that excursion, thank you. Both guys said that my form was way to good to break 20 minutes. Controlled cheating and shorter range of motion would have suited me better. I said hey thanks cat, but that’s not how Big Will trains.

I hobbled out the door, sporting a sweet PW Athletic Club T-Shirt, and some bruised body parts. Went to 7 Eleven and injected a powerade into my arm. Tuesday I sat for the best massage I’ve ever had, and today, I sit with hip flexors and hammies tighter than piano wire. I can barely stand without screaming out in agony, and have already thanked myself for setting up such an easy day. Only three sessions today, and one class tonight. It’s rainy and cool here. Today I am going to enjoy my injuries, watch a bootlegged copy of 300 on DVD, and listen to The Cure live in Paris while I cruise the web and absorb more data.

This morning, I poured a giant bowl of icy water over my head while I was in an icy cold shower. I howled out and morphed into a hunter from a day where there were no showers, no bowls, no DVDs. I sprang from the bathroom naked as the day I was born, uttered another guttural roar, and then sat down with a cup of coffee cause my hips hurt so bad. OOH RAH.

I’m out.
See you in the funny pages.