And life, through extension. Take a breath. Where did you feel it? In your nose? Your face or throat? Close your eyes for your next breath but first read on. Breathe by drawing air into your stomach using strength, not with a reflex. Proceed. Repaet for reps.

I worked on extension and breathing twice yesterday, as a way to come down after the trauma of the 45 miler. In past days (pre-Pavel) I would have been torched for a week with a sore back and tender gluteals after a 45 mile bike ride but today I stand tall and pain free. The ride made me tired and I for sure had some spicy quads during the end, but all day yesterday and so far today I feel no DOMS or pain. In all actuality I feel great. Due in part to this:
Coffee and cold water dousing at 0815
Joint Mobility including many pumps and naked windmills, halos, and light back bending.I opened up my shoulders and biceps with bungee cord dislocates and that felt too good. Taught a class at 1900 and had them rock out with Dips, Pull Ups, Sprints and Burpees. 2110 I landed at Elite and rocked out with 8 sets of hardcore hip extension/back bending variations including a long Cobra and some kneeling bridges with a Swiss ball behind me to help with the “wrappage”. And then I got crazy and picked up a pair of 20kg kettlebells and hit three sets of double clean and press (10 reps) with them. Yo I have NEVER actually picked up alight pair and did a real set. It felt excellent. I added in a set of Clean & Press LEFT, Clean and Press RIGHT = 1 rep for 10 total and I was spinning. What a nice caper. Today: Swing.

Sunday, 0515, the alarm sounds and the day to pay is on me. I tackled some dank bay blend coffee and loaded THE GEAR into Mobile-1. Made good time on the way into Mont Co. As of this day I am familiar with the layout of eastern Montgomery County, PA and I will say that it is a lovely piece of earth. I am a big fan of the drive out of Manayunk up Ridge Ave. to Conshy and so on. The roads that housed the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s LiveSTRONG Challenge 40 mile bike ride were also very green and welcoming. And scenic, and bloody awful at once. Compared to the hard dogs that rode the 70 and 100 mile courses I took a walk to and from the pisser, yet at a body weight of 275+ this ol’ Jarhead cannot help but rest satisfied at a time of 3:17 +/-. The opening 8 miles were very leisurely. Most of the riders were in pro form (I think?) and Mike and I had mountain bikes, he without road tires and I with some road rubber but just over 2,000 miles road experience in the last 3 years. All of it on the same bike and much of it earned up and down state road 252. So we lay back for 3 miles and then start making aggressive moves and pulling two-man jobs for a good wake up. We bust into a crop of geared up riders who lose their shit on the first little hill. Those shoes that clip to the pedals were a bitch for some folks. Mike and I ate hills and licked our chops afterwards for about the first 15 miles. When we got close to the turn around, those with more road experience held up better than I. Mike did excellent until his gears got crossed and I bailed on him. We made the turn around together and at about 23 miles (out of 44.7) I broke hard southeast. With a crotch full of motivation I rode hard for about 13 mile son my own. TOOL was in my earpods and I was livin’ it. I passed the MILE 32 OF 40 sign and managed a loud “Fahk Yeah!” as I did. With in 2 miles I was feeling it. I dug down and pulled some shit out but twice I was on the verge of tears. It was a hard few miles and then I just crashed. Save for the one rest stop we made to piss (zipped and clipped in 2:30) I did not get off the bike. No hill or acidosis would get my feet to touch the earth. I got to the main road and wondered where the fuck everybody was. I was all by myself on state road 63 and the sign says 5 miles to go. I knew that the course was over 40 miles, and that a 44.7 mile ride is forever going to be called a 45 mile ride if you hear it from me. So at mile 32 of forty-f&*%in FIVE I tough I was golden, but was trashed by the time I was all by myself. So these gradual, gruesome inclines busted my ass wide open in the final 5. I was passed by no less than 15 people and when I crossed at 3 hours 17 minutes I knew it could have been a Sub 3 if I had more guts, or didn’t kill some of those hills at the turn around, and thus kill my chance of a sub 3, which is what I want on my next 45 miler. Mike B. closed in at like 3:25. His legs were burnt and he went right home. Sarah and I hung out for 2 glycogen repairing beers and then went home. At 1:45 PM I crawled in bed and was out until 0800 Monday. Quite the inspiring series of events, this was. And If the LiveSTRONG Challenge makes its way to Philly again I’m buying a road bike and having 70 for dessert. OUT>

After the two KB classes were in the books I made it to the health club (Elite) in time for a rippin’ 30 minute deadlift and bench session. Milked every second of this one and enjoyed the moderate volume and decent tonnage. I give you totals tonight:

TGU 32kg x 2 LR
Deadlift 135 x 5 slow
TGU x 1 LR

DL 275 x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,5
Bench x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,5
resting as little as possible and busy racking plates between to contribute to the gym. This one was nice taper before the ride upcoming Sunday. I was jacked in and the classes I taught were tough enough to have clients ingesting 3-4 cups of water afterwards, as the humidity has come to mark the weekend. Ugh.