>Aiight, grab your bics and sharpies and flip to a clean page in your notebook: Professor Booty is in the house and school is in session. First order of business, the absolutely body rockin’ inter-stellar electro-shockin’ workouts I pulled off last week. After the C&J fest I had on Wednesday of last week, I went nuts in the gym, as opposed to my driveway, and decided that performing 8 reps of everything last week would be a good idea, and a way to wake the muscles up. I am so, so guilty of cocooning myself in my low rep C&J and high rep kettlebell drills, that it felt necessary to bang out some deadlift and bench with 8 reps on the table. I checked all of my boxes. Here’s the menu:

Thursday 070726 REST
Friday 070727 1040 Elite Athletic Club, West Chester, PA.
Joint Mobility for 7 minutes including 24kg Windmills.
Bench Press 185 x 5 205 x 8 (all reps with pause as the bar touched my sternum)
215 x 10 (no pause, transitioned with bar 2″ from my sternum) 230 x 8 (with pause) 235 x 8 (no pause, had a spotter, reps 7&8 real shaky) Rested 3-4:00 between sets.

Deadlift 225 x 4 sets of 8 reps, resting 3:00 between all sets, played with hook, true, and false grips. Quads actually got tired from the FEROCIOUSLY TIGHT lockouts I put in.

Dip/32kg Swing x 10 + 10 each arm for 3 sets in 5:45. Felt good, I was smoked.

Saturday 070728 0805 Elite.
Walked in and felt good, but did not want to get too gnarly. Did many pumps and halos to loosen up. Joint mobility lasted about 10 minutes.
TGU 24kg x 1 LR, Turkish Windmill x 1 LR, TGU x 2 LR. All with 24kg and 2:00 rest between. Racked a barbell and got reacquainted with the military press.
MP 105 x 8 reps, 110 x 8 reps. 1 set of pull ups, and then I was done.