After the two KB classes were in the books I made it to the health club (Elite) in time for a rippin’ 30 minute deadlift and bench session. Milked every second of this one and enjoyed the moderate volume and decent tonnage. I give you totals tonight:

TGU 32kg x 2 LR
Deadlift 135 x 5 slow
TGU x 1 LR

DL 275 x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,5
Bench x 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,5
resting as little as possible and busy racking plates between to contribute to the gym. This one was nice taper before the ride upcoming Sunday. I was jacked in and the classes I taught were tough enough to have clients ingesting 3-4 cups of water afterwards, as the humidity has come to mark the weekend. Ugh.

>Tuesday 0821 1320 hours, Elite Athletic Club. West Chester, PA.
Long Joint mobility opener after that ride. I was tight but not crippled after figuring out the internal draw. JM included Windmill 24kg 2 LR, and then 3:00 rest.

Press 24kg x 10 LR rest 2.5, 32kg x 8 LR rest2.5, 32 x 10 LR rest 3:00
C&P 150 lbs. x 4 + 4 military presses rest 3:30.
Long Cycle C&P 24kg x 12 LR rest 2:00
EZ Bar Bent Arm Pullover (full range) 75lbs. x 2 sets of 10 rest 1:30 between, 24kg x 10 close grip rest 1:30.
Double standing dumbbell curl 35 x 8 30 x 8 35 x 10 rest 1:15 between.

This was an interesting lift. Playing around with size after focusing strictly on strength and mobility for 3 years is quite a trip. Now that I know how to lift in the 8-12 rep range and act as Lord and fucking Chancellor over every single repetition is quite lovely. I’m looking to balance out my shoulders and traps with the lower half of my frame. I have to purchase 40 or 42 inch waist shorts and jeans (forget about khakis and slacks, on principle and logistically) to move around comfortably. The time is upon me to make a cosmetic adjustment to my weightlifting adventures. And I like it. Shoulders grow now better than ever after 3 years of hardCORE kettlebelling. Dead lifts and presses have previously failed but NOW. . .with both drills wielded as Ax and Shield I’m set to be 275 LEAN, and capped out.

Sunday 070819 rode my mountain bike 35 + miles from Art Museum to my front door. Schuylkill River trail to Valley Forge National Park, up Bear Hill Rd. to King St. Then I passed out for 6 hours.

>Results for Art Museum event 2.0 on Sunday 0819. Also posted on OFFICIAL training blog.

The improper reconnaissance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s calendar of events was fully my misdeed. As are all logistical or personnel problems relevant to MLK. So I boogered it but a fine looking twelve made it out to the North Parking area (?) on Pennsylvania Ave. in the Fairmount section of the city. The police were far beyond cooperative when they were awash in the same question asked by no less than 5 dozen people, that being “Can I park here or not?” See the UNITY Festival had brought many brother and sister to the Art Museum, and there were NO Stopping signs all over the streets, however the police, or even the city of Philadelphia issued them. SO when asked, the officer sat in his cruiser and said “I’m not writing any tickets”, placing everyone either totally at ease or crazy suspicious. Mobile One and three vehicles belonging to clients were allowed to join the curbside location. And with the bells we dug in right at this sweet patch of grass roughly the dimensions of two football fields placed end-to-end. Home of the Big Red metal twisty Statue (sic). The team and I got loose, of course, joint mobility is always outstanding in the ZER0 hours, and went right into some swings and snatches. I had one virgin, an attorney from radnor who was a gluteal amnesiac, and the rest were all snatch friendly. The rookie hung with me and while learning the swing he reached the most satisfactory point he was going to notch that day, so I freed him to swing no more than ten reps and join the group AFTER round one. 8 of which were strong on plow and the other three have performance/safety concerns such as wrist and elbow extension as well as shoulder stability issues. But all were free to run the course. Observe.

Snatch 20 LR 40 yd. suicide
Snatch 15 LR 60 yd. suicide
Snatch 10 LR 80 yd. suicide
Snatch 5 LR 120 yd. suicide
rest 4:00

We walked through the shuttle run course, and I noted the distance markers which were 65 ft. tall trees that lined this glorious patch ofurbangaea. Round two I engaged the rook.

Snatch :30 each arm 40 yd. sprint out, walk it back swift like to the bell.
repeat twice

Snatch :45 each arm 60 yd. sprint out and back
Snatch 1:00 each arm full suicides sequence from round one administered, and completed.

It was a tough workout. After all were secure I geared up and rode my mountain bike over 35 miles back to my front door along theSchuyllkill river trail. Then I ate a chicken salad sandwich and went to sleep for 6 hours. Woke up watched Adult Swim till 0200 and then slept again. Woke up Monday to rainy and cool temps, I though I’d died and gone to Seattle in 1988, I was in heaven all day. I dig the unseasonable weather. Spring for Christmas or Halloween in summer, I just like the polarity. HA! Check you out for Monday.