Today is a rainy, cold, listen to the Cure and think about all the hearts I’ve broken kind of day. But that is not what I did. I consumed 50g of protein in powder form at 1015, and popped two of Advocare’s “Thermo Plus”. Trained a new client in her home, dropped the Van off for an earl change, and then ran 2.7 miles on a different stretch of east-west highway. I figured ‘twould be much harder as the hills were nasty, gradual, and LONG. Much to my surprise, I straight up bent that hill over and did the dance. Why this run was easier I think I know (I have been running these last three weeks and has begun to get easier), but check this: right at the end of the run, a car with two Marines in Dress Blue Alphas rolls up next to me honking the horn and pointing like I’m on fire. It was my recruiter SSGT. BIlbrey and another SGT. from the recruiting office. Looking back, if they had found me in the middle of the course I plotted I would have shaved a full minute off my time. But with hills and at a bodyweight of 275+ I came in at 24:12. Not bad. Whether the USMC accepts me for reenlistment or not, I am running my self down to 260. Have some.

>Last night’s workout was almost as pathetic as my financial statement.

Set out to run 3 miles in under 26:00. I made it to the halfway point and walked it out, gasping for air with big fat disgusting belly jiggling as I coughed and wheezed. Managed a walk/run pace back to the starting point, which was my house.

Double Clean and Press 16kg x 5 sets of 10 reps with 1:30 rest between.
Military Press 24kg x 2 sets of 10 L/R with 1:30 rest between.
Swing Clean Press 24kg x 1 set of 5 each side.

I realize that there are people who actually read this blog, so I will not whine about what I want to whine about, but I will say this: I am going off the grid if the USMC denies me for reenlistment. I’m talking no email address, no cell phone, no nothing. Me, two bells, and a job washing dishes in Australia.

>I am taking my physical for re-enlistment into my beloved Corps in 24 hours. I will not be required to pass recruit training again, yet I will encounter men like this on a daily basis. Listen for the part where he says “I will PT you until your assholes are sucking buttermilk”. Classic.

When I began working with the USMC recruiting office in Downingtown in June training the poolees in kettlebell lifting, being around Marines again stirred up a whole netty pot worth of emotion. I have realized that over the last 5.5 years I have began more stories with “When I was in the Corps” or “Back in California” than I can recall. Not only that, but my interests in life are simple. I do not desire money, a house, a fancy car, or a wife and kids. I enjoy music, healthy food, playing pool, working out, and living near the ocean. All of which are components of a life spent in the Marine Corps. If I pass my re-enlistment physical (no reason why I should not), and the board accepts me, there is a damn good chance I will re-enter the Corps as a Corporal (the rank I attained before honorable discharge in 2002) and receive orders to 5th Marines on Camp Pendleton, CA. I can honestly say that at this point of my life I would rather be a Marine anywhere than a civilian in PA, but that is not to say that my highest hopes are for Pendleton. Not only is it Southern California, which speaks for itself, but two of my closest friends in the world reside there, and it is a haven for kettlerbellers. To wake up one day a Marine on Pendleton, and still an RKC, with some kettlebells and a TAPS bar for my platoon to train with is the equivalent of a degenerate gambler hitting it big and then being able to walk away from the table. Watch the video again and see why I love it.