Today’s brutally tough workout is brought to you courtesy of Starbucks, and by The Cure’s 1989 album Disintegration, which I have been listening to since, well, 1989. The two go great together!

Mission Essential Gear
1 Russian Kettlebell, a Pull Up bar tall enough that you can hang fully extended from it, flat shoes or barefoot!

Pick one pull up variation and apply it for the duration: Close grip, wide grip, palms parallel to each other, or a jumping pull up.

Pull Up + Hanging Knee Raise x 3 sets of 3-5, resting 1:00 between [e.g. one pull up, one HKR, repeat for 3-5]

Staggered: [e.g. lunge, pull ups, rest :30, repeat]
Alternating Tactical Lunge x 3 sets of 10 each leg
Pull Up x 3 sets of 3

Alt. Tac. Lunge x :30, 2 Handed Hot Potato x :30, Pull Ups x :30, rest :30 ACTIVE, repeat for rounds in 10 minutes.

Hanging Knee raises 5 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 5, resting big between.

Follow these tips from Pavel for the Tactical Lunge:
Actively pull yourself down with your hip flexors
rather than yield to gravity. Use the enabling drill-
The KB knee lift. Put your foot inside a kettlebell’s
handle and lift the KB off the deck by pulling up
your knee. Place your hand on top of your thigh
and become aware of the working muscle, the
hip flexor.
If you have a bad back perform the drill lying
down: drag the kettlebell towards you.
Actively pull yourself down with the hip flexor of
the forward leg when stepping back.

Follow my tips for the hanging knee raise [HKR].
When hanging on the bar, before you yank yourself up to meet the rep standards, remember that you are performing a Hard Style HKR. You will not simply fold your hips and squeeze your abdomen. Here, you must generate tension, unreal tension, and squeeze the bar with your hands as hard as you squeeze your abdomen as you flex to complete the movement.

Your HKR Checklist:
Close grip, closer than your shoulder width.
Hanging fully extended, and tightened up, legs together, no momentum, no swinging.
SLOWLY and steadily, squeeze your whole body and round your back maximally, tighten the abs furtter and bring your knees as high as you may in a slow, controlled, SAFE fashion.
Imagine that, though your arms stay straight as you hang, you are pulling on the bar as you curl.
Keep a tight a grip and exhale MOST, but not all, of your air while raising the knees.
Keep the reps clean and the numbers low. Perfect practice brothers and sisters. . .

>Next Evolution: The Leap Day Night’s “Not guilty by reason of insanity” S&C Class, Friday 29 February 2008. The last leap day this decade. Conducted by Us and You. If you read this post, you are invited. If you hear this from a friend, you are invited. If you are a record breaking bell savvy tough guy and you think your swing don’t stink, you are invited.

Friday 29 February
1730 Hours [530 PM you nasty civilians]
Santa Monica Beach [at the KBLA training spot]
This will be a Last Night On Earth S&C extravaganza. There will be several RKCs in attendance, as well as numerous RKC Hopefuls. If you live in LA and you need the attention of an RKC, or if you plan to attend an RKC cert in the near future and you have not yet consulted one of us, this is your chance. If you are on this forum, and you live in Southern Cal, I urge you to come out. If you cannot make the 1730 start time, best put in that day-0ff request NOW. Seriously call the boss and tell him you are busy Friday afternoon, 29 February.

Tentative Schedule of Events:
Joint Mobility
Double Swing [inside and outside the legs]
Overhead Orientation
Cleaning [brief]
The KB Olympiad: Double Snatches, Double Clean and Yurk [alternating drills may also appear for well-versed kettlebell trainees]
Low-Tech High-Smoke “Evil Russian” conditioning segment using only Three Drills.
Serious post-workout unwinding.

North of Pico, at the Grassy Knoll south of the Pier. You may park at any of the lots off Ocean Ave., just be ready to pay the 5.50 to park. If you are a local, please use your smarts. this class will be 10.00 USD.

More details to follow
Please contact Will Williams 610.883.7455

Debrief for Saturday and Sunday 8 & 9 February 2008.

Saturday 1600 Hours
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, Marina Del Rey, CA.

Kettlebells for Ultimate Conditioning Workshop
Conducted by Instructors Williams and Garfield
9 in attendance, all with less than a month’s kettlebell experience combined, save for a Crossfit devotee who had previously performed pulls paired with presses. Yeah.

1600-1615 Academician Amosov and Steve Maxwell’s lovechild was loosed for our Joint Mobility. All reps in ten scheme unless noted otherwise.
-3 Plane Neck
-Shoulder circumduction
-Max Amplitude arm circles
-Max Amplitude torso rotations with arms at 180 degrees
-Good Morning x 2 sets of 5
-Standing Single Leg airborne circles x 5 reps in directions both counter and clockwise.

1615-1700 Instructor Garfield presents Kettlebell Pulls: From Zero to swing in 40 reps.
-Deadlift x 5
-Good Morning 2 of 5
-Deadlift x 2 of 5
-Good Morning x 5
-Live action swing 2 sets of 5 reps. Unleash hell.
-Two Handed Swing 4 sets of 10

-KB High Pull x 3 sets of 10
-Two Handed Hot Potato x 2 sets of :30
-Swing 1:00/High Pull :30/Hot Potato :30/Rest :45 [2 cycles]
BRUTALITY. I didn’t think JG had it in him.

1700-1730 Instructor Williams presents Press Propaganda 138: Budgeting high tension techniques for pressing movements in High Rep.
-Squat [Breathing behind the shield, hip activation, depth, weight distribution, vertical shins, and crisp hip extension were all covered over 5 sets of 5 BW squats]
-Racking Bells [Safety Curl, Wrist/Elbow position, flared lats, wrist position, safety curl revisited, wrist position!]
-KB Front Squatting
-Budgeting breathing and tension to get SAFE high rep sets of KB Squats and Presses [single KB, e.g. 2 squats, 1 press, 3 squats, 2 presses]
1730-1735 recovery
1735-1752 Instructor Williams Conditioning Prac-App segment.
-At the request of the students this moment in time will not be revisited on this page [trauma victims]
1752-1800 Recovery
1800-1815 Instructor Garfield Conditioning Lab.
-At the request of the students this moment in time will not be revisited on this page [trauma victims]
1815-1830 Pumps, Safe back bending, intelligence gathering.

We knew the crowd was light on experience, and the final product reflected the influence of both our military training and the unwritten laws within the RKC guild that compel us all to reach for the internalization of strength training and use the toolbox to “condition” only after the Generally Issued Minimum has been nailed. In short, we took rookies and smoked them, while safely, into submission. Bodies once sprite with energy and vibe of life lay battered and discarded among the floors of the Academy. Smiles faded to winces and then devolved into grimaces upon application of the Two Handed Hot Potato, this instructors’ drill of choice. We spared their lives only to prolong the suffering those unsuspecting peasants had been blanketed in. Upon exiting the facility, the prospect of training the same group again at a date not far off appeared promising.