>The tribute, on their day, to a band that was very important to me in my youth, and still entertains me to this day, from Omaha, Nebraska, 311.

“The Hive”
11 Pull Ups. If you scoff at 11 reps, strap a KB on your foot. They shouldn’t be a joke to you.
20 Swings R
20 Jerks L
20 Jerks R
20 Swings L
10 Tsnatches R
10 Tsnatches L [111 reps]
Once you affirm that initial swing, you should only set the bell down when you have performed all 100 reps. Yes, you.

S&M Fast 100 Snatches
20 LR 15 LR 10 LR 5 LR [50 each arm, again, one set, and time yourself [211 reps]

Long, long have I been wanting to say this.
100 squat thrusts. Done in a time no more than one and one-half the time of your snatches. If you busted 100 snatches in 5:00, SQTH in under 7:30.

311 reps.

OK, so just launching an arbitrary high rep assault has fallen into the hands of Crossfit affiliates and other sick buggers everywhere, myself proud to be included. But this is an interesting composition I believe. And it is an all access workout. One bell and a bar is all you need. If you read my previous post you will know already that after a week-plus layoff and a cranky hip, the positive vibe has prevailed and in the spirit of my 15 year old self who exalted the name of this band, I will train 311 on 311. I plan on blaring the first few tracks from “Music”, their 1992 debut. A brutal stew of Ivory flow in homage to ebony greats, and some harder tunes with a youthy balls.

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