>After you get in the Warrior Diet groove, you will find that pressing, pulling, flipping, banging, smashing, kipping, snatching, jerrking, and all movements not mentioned is a pleasant add to your day. Let me go OFF on this tangent I just spawned in my headspace, and you shall understand. . .If strength is a skill, and should be approached as so, and sets of drills we know are satisfactory can be applied all day every day with nothing but positive gains to report, then why is not food as fuel approached from the same angle? Oh wait, yeah it is. Some guy who I recognized as an author for Penthouse Magazine wrote a book that did not exactly wow Oprah, but helped me lose 20kg of nasty adipose in 16 weeks To the DAY [at a lean body mass of 105kgs that is not that hard]. It is called The Warrior Diet, and it makes more sense than a set of arithmetic flash cards. 1+6=pood. Graze + GTG= lean and daggone MEAN!

Since moving to CA and adopting an attitude that has seriously corrected bad eating behavior, and using the warrior diet as HOMEBASE, and training in doses of 3 or 5 moments of strength [shout out to Kevin and Russell Jodrey of Redwood Kettlebell Club and A. Diluglio of PUNCH, all of which are RKC, all of which are about the multiple minutes of strength during the day] each day, I have kept musculoskeletal aches at bay and developed a mutated degree of freshness with my Session Based Energy. Whenever I tap that keg, and the bells are moving or the calisthenics train is hummin’, I am good to go minus a single thought to what my glycemic load is. Now, did I answer the question regarding Your energy levels? Maybe. But I showed you a model that runs parallel between two of the most important avenues in our human lifetimes- chow and training. We do not eat and exercise, we take a chow time and author moments of strength. We eat a handful of grapes and drink a glass of milk. When we see a ‘bell we press it. You go to business lunch with other gerbils and they order buffalo wings and beer. You order 3 boiled eggs and have a good morning stretch in the loo. They eat, you fuel. They burn calories, you burn the fat off your soul. Of this brotherhood of iron, this merry band of jolly tamers, we are united. For he who sheds a minute to press, and uses his palm as a measure of chow requirements, is my brother. [sisters too! I love girls who lift]

So follow the warrior diet and grease the groove with every move.

>When someone asks if the RKC Code is backed by true humanity, or if it is just an esoterically encrypted disclaimer, send them this post.

From Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC Team Leader, to Mark Toomey RKC TL [Reno, Nevada] and myself.

Brethren RKC TLs —
I’d like to thank the both of you for the service you put in for our country as Leathernecks. You’ve both been in my thoughts of gratitude all day. Were it not for you and those like you, I’d likely not have had the chance to spend the afternoon earlier with my son in the park without having to carry a gun or speaking Pashtun.
Your favorite Chinaman
Dr. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., RKC Team Leader

Director / Sifu – Chung-Hua Institute

Chief Instructor – KettlebellsLosAngeles.com

From Toomey, to the doc

My Brother,

Thank you for your kind words. The real thanks belong to the brave men like LCpl Pierce [his son] and Will, both of them are my inspiration to make the second half of my life something I will be proud to have my new family remember me by.
Mark D. Toomey

So when you think about what kind of people you may meet when you train with RKC, and who is going to have your safety and success in their hands when you certify, know ye that these are the emn you will be entrusted to.

And to all a good night,


OUT. Oscar Uniform Tango. As in ‘I’m out’, ‘we out’, and ‘you out?’
Oscar Uniform Tango, phonetic spellings for the first letter of each word, o-u-t.

I’m about to press out, as I have been keeping a 24kg kettlebell in my room, and it has gathered no moss, shall we say?

So RKC weekends always reenergize the soul, right? Ye who have been, most, yet I would hope all, know the sensations that follow. It may best be described as an afterglow. You roll off that transpo [hotel shuttle, cab, rental car] on T3 [training day three of three] up into the hotel and BANG. It sits in. You just walked into that hotel room an RKC. If you have a roomie and they are full of stoke too, you may just have the makings of a jolly good night in St. Paul. Or Kobenhaven, or San Jose, or LA this summer for the very first time. When you get back to your real life, and that first red light or space out comes and you hearken back to what, like 5 days ago? Just rippin’ pumped that you made it through the course, and the team vibe was so high by that last day that you all felt like a straight freight train comin’. I imagine what it had been like had I been more active on the forum before I was cert’d. The first time I had unlimited access to the WWW was in summer 2003, and then only for about 8 months. When I bummed laptop time off of a fellow RKC in 04-05, I was waaay into it. Attended the convention, the one and only convention, in LV that year and then began a nice relationship with this community. If you are reading this and you can’t even picture yourself an RKC Instructor Candidate, I urge you to pay close attention to the rivers and tributaries nonetheless. . .

So with that off my nest I will tell you that there is another blog out there congealing in the cyber-ness. You may have sniffed it over on the Food Network. Hard Style has delicacies also, you rascals. . .