This is the week we were reborn in the tank. Trusty and I got some bells wet, and found a rhythm with doubles and heavy singles. A pair of 20kg was used for all the double work, save for some 2 x 16kg walks to the bottom and back. We also partnered up and practiced passing one bell to another a la relay games, and came up with a flawless bump to hold that allows your man to spear his hand thorough the bell and assume a safe carry.

The fun stuff came in the 2ND quarter, when we were oriented and ready to play ballistic games. Double power snatches, caught int he bottom of an overhead squat, were tons of fun, as was the submerged double dead power clean to double sots press to double overhead squat concentric. No rules baby, the water was safe.
Trusty is a waterman, or a ‘fish’ as they are referred to in the ‘Corps. I am what the CWS instructors called a ‘rock’, meaning that I sank. And it wasn’t because I was lean, as I was not, I just had some mechanical issues like not being able to float. I could tread water and swim, but when submerged or asked to float I was in trouble. I love the water,however, and knock-wood I have not gotten an ear infection yet. I used the Netti pot about 12 days ago ,and should follow suit today.
So the training went from fun to focused with my addition to the curriculum, a ‘get up’ from the bottom of the pool. Using two bells, I set them in chest deep water, and sat straddling them submerged. I curled/cleaned the bells into a rack, pulled my feet and hips into a squat, and stood up. Taking the weight back down was cherry. Trusty got creative and wanted to press after every squat, yet I filmed pressing footy yesterday from 4-5 in the hot sun, and opted to only crank out those double sots presses to OH squat.
N doubt the hardest thing for me was to walk the bell to the bottom of the pool [10′] and back with any bell. I mismanaged my breathing and of course could not drop the bell when I panicked, so instead I had to bound up like the Hulk, and grab some air. From the bottom, I walked that bell out to the tune of my own HR at 200. Treading water while Trusty ran his bell was a delight.
Who has experience with this? Who was played Military water games and partner assisted carries and tactical bell relief? Who has developed get ups from the bottom of a poll, or done renegade rows from the bottom of the pool? I imagine there is a Sailor or Marine bo’sun who has a use for this skill set. We are building the toolbox. Stand by.


I had a sick poolside session. They say it was 100 degrees in the shade. But the bell abides.

Pumps to loosen up, prying a bit. Purple Jump Stretch band shoulder dislocates, felt hard. Leaning into it was primal.
16kg swings, sets of 5 and 10 each arm. Logging in. . .

16kg Double x 3
20kg See Saw x 3
20kg double x 3
32kg Ipsilateral 1 Leg Deadlift x 3 rl
28kg C&P 1rl for 3 each side.

I repeated this cycle using sets of 5 for all drills. I felt up to spec and worked through my midsection. I press like a piston these days. Caught myself in mid-slice about 6 weeks ago-I have been shifting my weight foot-to-nasty foot in my presses and developing an uncool lordotic in the ignition stage of my pressing. To correct it, light doubles with a hard forward lean, and a revisit with the arc I create on lift-off. Light doubles keep my neck and high-thoracic unkinked and the access to Trusty’s 28kg makes the 24-28-32kg range complete, and the double 16 and 20 work can now serve as a remedial series while not taking my neck module off line. I am on it. As are you. I imagine nice numbers and solid menu in your session today.

W2 out

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