At 2PM I went to the park and hit up 6 sets of 3 tactical pull ups, some Brettzels, and listened to Coldplay while laying in the sun. The weather here in PA is unreal for August.

Watching the Phillies rally back to win and take first place, I sat reviewing the Purposeful Primitive ‘cardio methods’, Marty Gallagher listed The Dane of Pain’s Cardiovascular Kettlebell Concepts as a method of third way aerobic training. That was all I needed.

Max VO2 Protocol: 20kg x 8 reps
7 sets alternating left and right, followed by 3 sets for the left arm, and then three sets for the right arm.

20 sets total, using the 15 seconds on/15 seconds fast and Loose standard.

Finished with 24kg swings
5rl, rest :15
10rl, rest :15
10 h2h, rest :15
10r-10L-10 two handed, done.

220 hip extensions at 1030PM. Then I crushed 3 huge cucumbers with sea salt, a massive bowl of steamed baby bok choi-broccoli-spinach, 8oz of Greek style yogurt, 2 scoops of whey with water, and then a big nasty bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce and two cubed zucchini [one yellow squash, one green]. Drank some orange pekoe tea, watched an X-Files, went to bed.

What have you got for me to learn today, friends?

>Because I am so sure that you all wanted an update.

I have been Warriorizing. Swinging the blade and blazing the trail and trailing the flock to secure the 6 O-clock. I am picking up the rear, no worries. Those of us who know the way of the fast and feel the ghost of primates past careening through our chakras can rest, assured. I have explained the premise of the Warrior Diet to over 2 dozen people in the last 30 days, and in the recent fortnight have clocked over 75 hours in the kitchen alone. Or that is an exaggeration. I have carried groceries out of the Trader Joe’s I work at 3 nights a week, and have only deviated from the Rules of Eating once in the last, oh, do you really care? What I am trying to tell you, through this wading pool of pseudo-cool, is that all the hard work in the kitchen, on the hikes, and defending the premise has given me a bushel of motivation to carry into the eating pattern. What I am saying is that the weight I have lost since January may be declared K.I.A if I can get to training again within the next two weeks [but more on that later]. Warriorizing you ask? Yes. Defending the diet by turning heads while shirtless and captivating ears while queried.

A guy I know, who is a leatherneck, and was on Pendleton with 5th Marines while I was with the 1st Marine Regiment, fired away with a barrage of questions today regarding the WD. We spoke of catabolism, starvation, gluttony, constant feedings, but top-athletes eat four times a day! Eating at night, eating only at night [this blows everyones mind], and skipping breakfast were all topics we hit on. And through the last month, through the many, many times I have explained why it works, how, and how come, I have learned to trim the fat around my arguments and come up with some simpler, and in some cases more virulent answers to defend the cause. It works because it only works if you follow the rules. It can be done if you taper into it properly. I do it to save time, money, keep my insulin levels bottomed out all day, feel clearer and sharper while the sun is up, and to facilitate a great celebration at the end of every day marking another chance to keep my blood together. After a few minutes and solid exchanges I pulled rank on him. Since 1997 I have been actively in pursuit of the finest methods which promote weight loss, muscular development, strength and strength endurance, and excellence in performance. I have been learning and applying the behavior patterns associated with all forms of ordered and disordered eating and I have taken more than an active interest in this lifestyle. It has become my life. It is what I do. He said he reads about it and knows a lot about it, and in response I immediately thought of what I see him eating every day, twice a day: Chicken breast and brown rice. He eats oatmeal and shakes for breakfast. He trains weights and cardio all week. I responded with “Bro I know you are down to train but I have been learning and experimenting on warm bodies since 97, starting with my own”, and then I summed it up with “The WD and Hard Style will change a body faster than anything else”. I wanted, badly, to say “OK dude shirts off, lets go!” and let the evidence loose, but that would have been pyro-aggro inflammatory monkey shines. I know how sexy the girls think I’m not. Even if he does, too. Yes, you may have to start yourself by eating good, regularly first. Yes many people need to ease into it.

So let those confused carbohydrate addicts wander alone, unsupervised and uninformed. If the vessel is SO soft that they need to eat to gain muscle mass so as to have reason to eat, then fire them up with a Fit For Life diet. But I am convinced that the body can get by on just a very little food, a whole bucket of water, and serious hard work on both the physical and visceral plane every day. We do not need to eat four meals a day. We vessels, draped in flesh but bound for armor, need not a yogurt and salad at 1000 and then by 1500 another serving of, whatever. Have a handful of this in the afternoon. Enjoy hot cup of that in the zero hours. It can work for you. If you cannot control your portions you are disgusting red white and blue in the face glutton. Go pay your 89$ gym membership and train your your knees to fall off.

Righteous as I sound, I love to learn. I love to learn especially when someone who contests me is professional, passionate, and polite. In that respect I hope that some of you disagree. I wish to encounter you at a table and chairs and a pot of hot coffee some day so we may speak. If I am in the company of anyone who believes what they do with my matched enthusiasm, then we can both learn something. We both will. If not with respect to the opposing eating plan then certainly we’ll dine on the bit we chomp at together. The talk I had with old Laughner brought me around to thinking that once again I am out of the mainstream. And as before my visibility in the retail and RKC community will get the conversation moving. When asked where I train or how I eat, as before, I will preface my opening statement with this, the essence of the Purposeful Primitive-“I am trying to do fewer things better”.