>The Dane of Pain is in my brain.

Max V02 Protocol for Saturday, 7 September, 1000AM. It was humid, it stormed all night, and I was sweating before I even woke up. I remembered what Marty wrote in The Primitive, that he enjoys training in sauna like conditions, as he feels his muscularity and joints getting lubed up as the workout goes on. It motivated the heck out of me, as I am so stinking tight every morning, that I am actually afraid to workout in the wee hours, fearing that a neck or subscapular injury is right around the corner. Instead, the heat and humidity did aid in working me open, and I hit a full 30 sets of the protocol, the final 16 with the coveted 20kg. . .

Set #-Hand-Heart Rate in BPM
11-Right NR
12-Right NR
13-Right NR
Switch to 20kg to elevate HR and test the waters. . .

And for the Commandant, and the fallen, and the heroes of our past, I snatched the 20kg 25 reps left, 15 right, and then went to work. I nailed push ups all day at the store in sets of 10. I believe I hit around 22 sets. I took home some serious chow that night for the next day, and last night, at 230AM when I got home from work, I cooked up some Warrior Fuel.

Steamed-Mushrooms, Zucchini, Onions, green/red/yellow peppers
Grilled-10 ounces of wild caught Mahi Mahi steak, no seasoning, just ocean flavor.
Roasted cauliflower, zucchini and yellow squash.

I mixed the roasted gear with Trader Joe’s Harvest Grains blend [small serving of orzo, radish seeds, and other stuff], and made a Gorgonzola cheese sauce that was just ridiculously good. I also ate a large serving of raw almonds, a large serving of roasted, salted Pepitas [seeds], and some bittersweet Belgian chocolate that I warmed up and cut into small squares and ate in tandem with some black mission figs. When that was done, I ate a bowl of Kashi cereal from my roommates stash, as I could not get enough chow yesterday! Honestly, I was starving, but wait until you see my workout and you will know why. . . Needless to say, I feel amazing today.

At the club yesterday I used the electronic scale as well as the bio-impedance body fat measurement [all one unit]. I also weighed myself on the ‘doctor’s scale’ in the locker room, and took comparative notes. Though I took circumference measurements yesterday at the gym, and they listed my waist as having grown one inch since the last set of measurements, I am not freaking. From what I can see and what people tell me, I am ripped and look happy, two important factors to both my future and my students’ transformation. A girl at Trader Joe’s actually asked to touch me butt. She said she had been watching me since I started working there and could not contain her enthusiasm anymore. This girl is a homosexual, which added to my joy in my gluteal achievements. She doesn’t even like men, but just had to touch the booty. That, my friends, is Hard Style.

Scale weight 227 lbs.
Electronic device measurements, 228.6 pounds, and 7.5% body-fat. That may be inaccurate, but it is accurate unto itself. Whatever tools helps me stay off the well traveled path of the self-saboteur, and on the road to the kingdom of simple treasures will stay in the rotation, no matter how ‘metro’ they may be. Check out my lift yesterday! And remember, I do not strive for crazy poundage anymore, it is always, and always has been, about perfect form. Now I bail when it gets too tough on my neck/shoulders.

1 set of 5 tactical pull ups.
Barbell clean and press, from the floor 135 x 3, 145 x 3 [easy, tiger] 135 x 2 more sets of 3.
See Saw Press 24kg x 3 sets of 5 reps [these felt amazing].
This was horrible, I grabbed a 24kg and went for-
20 seconds of swings, 10 seconds of milk-shaking, for 10 sets. Tabata, modified.

I scared half of the Philly Sports Club away. I looked like an inmate among visitors on the dance floor. I was fully representing with Cross Country kettlebell gear. My head-wear was a black skull beanie that advertised Firebellz [536 Jefferson St., Albuquerque], and my t-shirt was from the arsenal of RKC Camp Pendleton graduate Charlie Bergeron, USMC vet and R.I. State Trooper. The t-shirt bore the logo for Body Armor, Johnston, Rhode Island’s premier Hard Style training facility.

So that’s what my weekend was all about! Gay women grabbing my arse, barbells going up overhead, 93% humidity training sessions, massive rainstorms, power outages, training clients again, eating Gorgonzola cheese, drinking coffee at all hours, working to be better at fewer things [which makes all things more accessible, oddly enough], and watching the Eagles get a W. A Big W.

Oscar, uniform, tango.

>Before I get into the nastiness of the Max VO2 protocol, i would like to congratulate RKC Candidate Mike Barbato, of Malvern PA, for the excellent turnout for his Labor Day class. He listed a bunch of nasty drills and reps for the manifest, and to stay healthy and injury free, I modified the workout. You will see the list after this post. I have been hitting this nice and hard since I got home. I administered this training at the RKC on Camp Pendleton, and I participated at the training while instructing at the UCLA RKC. I have had a workout partner for three of the four sessions I have run since August 18th. I operate in Kill Mode whether partnered up or not, however the young lady operates better when a motivated RKC is there to guide her. During yesterday’s session, her hands were baptized once again in the fires of Copenhagen’s finest, the Max V02 as brought to us by Master RKC Kenneth Jay. Here is the raw data.

Paddock Park located in Havertown, Pennsylvania
5pm Thursday August 29Th, a circuitously run session.

Pull Up 1-1-2-2-2-2
Single Leg Wide Grip Push Up 3-3-1-3-3-1
Parallel Grip Chins 1-1-2-2-2-2

[8 is our number]
Max V02 with Sarah, RKC certified [for personal gain, not for career reasons] 2007.
I used a 16kg, she an 8kg.
16kg x 15 sets each arm, alternating for 30 total sets. Finishing HR was 135.

Yesterday, 2 September 2008 at 4PM
I used a 16kg, she went for a 12kg and shredded her hands! Haaard-Styyyle.
Max V02, our number is 8.
Alternating arms, 5 sets each, HR 135+
Right arm, 10 sets consecutive, HR 150+/-
Left arm, 10 sets consecutive, HR 140+

We measured our HR by hand, as payday is not until Thursday, but the HR monitor is on the shopping list, you bet’cha.

I noticed that I can use a 16kg and jack my HR up by not switching arms every set. This may or may not be good for me. The trick to specifying my training is paying attention to what happens for the week before an injury comes. Last week, my neck exploded as I was yelling at Sarah to not be a chicken-head when she performs high rep ballistic pulls. Ironic? No. I did not sleep in August and just settled in to a nice new bed, that is so stiff and barely has any give, it reminds me of Squad Bay days with 1st platoon [Trust-Dog where you at??]. So with my back and neck adjusting to sleeping in a bed, it was natural that i would fire up some of the musculature on the side of my neck. it stopped hurting after two days, which was fantastic. When I would baby the injury and lay flat, feeling bad for myself and cursing the 3 vehicle wrecks I have been in since 1995, the pain would last a week [hmmmmmmm ;)]. The 16kg may be good for me in that I can explore The Third Way with KJ’s Max V02 science, and stay lean/injury free/in-the-know all at the same time. The 16kg may be bad for me in only one way: I am not really sure if the high volume is OK for my neck, as a 225 pound, healthy, HAPPY, kettlebelling Will Williams has never existed before-trip out on this.

Will Williams was introduced to Pavel in 2000-2001 by Muscle Media magazine, high tension techniques and hyper-irradiation followed immediately.

2003 saw Will training with a kettle stack and studying The Russian Kettlebell Challenge on VHS [gangster, yes it is] as well as Cruel and Unusual. . .also on VHS.

Christmas 2003 I received my first ‘bell, a Dragon Door 16kg from a client in Vegas. i actually just dialed 411 to get her on the phone and say thanks, but I left a message for what I think is the wrong #.

January 2004 I purchased a 24kg Dragon using my own money and Craig James’ Sjostrom’s desktop computer. The rest is history.

What you may not know is that from the very start of all this, I was well over 225lbs. In fact, the only time I was below 230 was from April-September 2002, and that was my ‘I just got out of the USMC let’s be ripped and go clubbin’ in Atlanta stage’. As soon as summer was over, I stopped shaving my body and went back to listening to Pavel.

So now, minus a lot of emotional baggage and over 50 pounds, I stand to gain everything. Whether I am injured regularly or not, I am now clear enough of mind that even if I wreck my neck in training, I can explore the data and retool.. Whereas before I would feel really sorry for myself and eat an Italian Hoagie. I stand to gain from the training, the learning, the spiritual growth, and the progression that I hope will follow, that is, 50 sets with a 16kg for max V02, followed by a visit to the starting line where I man up with a 20kg. If I can hang with 50 sets and a 20kg bell, I will have battered one demon into the ground, that is, neck pain will come and go, the question being will I let it be the albatross or will I drink some tea, find a workout partner, and make my own sunshine? And I lied, having a partner helps in more ways than one. I can train hard on my own, by getting over myself takes a good spotter.

I am out,

Labor Day Workout
Get Up, 16kg: 5 x 1 each arm [10], followed by 1 set of 5 each arm [20 total].
Pull Ups: 20 tactical, 18 parallel grip chins, in sets of 3 and 5 [38 total].
Jerk 16kg x 10 right and left, Double 20kg x 2 sets of 10.
Body Weight Squat x 20, rest 1:30, x 30, DONE. We proceeded to the House of Murph and ate a Warrior Diet feast. Raw carrots and cucumbers with hummus to dip, roasted cauliflower and carrots drizzled with EVO, sprinkled with sea salt, grilled asparagus, red pepper, and portobella ‘shrooms, drizzled with EVO and sea salt. Two big tuna steaks, fresh not frozen, for me, and then I ate 3 apples and a block of cubed cheddar. Drank a 1/2 can of Diet Coke before remembering how nasty artificial sweeteners are for the mechanism, and then drank lots of water with lemon.