0553 reveille
0730 Client
1100 Client
At the PSC all day.
1600 Join or Die

Tactical Pull Ups = 6kg x 1 set of 3
ETK ROP pressing ladders.
24kg x 1-2-3 rungs, 5 ladders.
Sumo Deadlift Repatterning: 190 x 3 sets of 5.

Today was the first day since the phone conversation with the primitive master, that I pulled sumo and felt strong. I am adapting to the stance. I am not over trained, and my itchy SI problem is in pain, but it is the pain of healing. The weight came off the floor easier, and as my PT manager said, I ‘murder it from mid-shin to lockout’. it just will not fly off the ground when I ignite. Still a student, sort of studly. Off to the Joe. . .

>This morning I left the house at 0500 on foot for the PSC in Ardmore. I arrived, trained my 0600 client, and then went to a coffee shop to fuel the body with caffeine and the mind with The Times. I came back and hammered out:

A] Tactical Pull Ups 3 sets of 5
B] 1 set of 10 40kg swings
C] A quick press ladder 32kg x 1RL, 36kg x 1RL, 40kg x 1RL*

*This rep was the definition of a grind. When I flared the lat and bell went nowhere, I sucked the shoulder into the socket and made it work. Squeezing the free hand, as a fist, and my inner thigh tension spiral allowed me to finish. I trained a client at 0800, and then pulled:

Sumo Deadlifts 190 x 5 sets of 3
ROP Press ladders 24kg. 5 ladders, rungs of 1-2-3.
40kg swing x 10 reps to center, walked to Trader Joe’s and loaded up with grocery for the next 5 days, walked 3 miles home. Smart bombing as we speak. . .

>In the last 6 weeks I have lifted more frequently per capita, and maybe in gross sessions, than I did between all of march and August of this year. In March, I had that nasty bike accident, which left my hand twisted. After that I hiked the Santa Monica mountains regularly, and hardly visited the bar or a bell. When I got back to it in June, I was delayed after two weeks due to abdominal surgery. By the time i got to Pendleton in mid-July, I was ready to work. I participated in MAX V02 15:15 testing on Pendleton and at UCLA. UCLA was where I broke free. Training at the intramural fields’ with RKC, running the stairs Friday, 15:15 on Saturday, and the Grad Workout on Sunday left me highly motivated [though sore] and declared to the world that I was back. The next 13 days were spent as my final three days in Cali, my time at CK FMS, and the 5 day road trip from LA to PA. I began training again upon arrival. Since I have moved many of my bells and my TAPS unit into the Philadelphia Sports Club in Ardmore, my training has become a regularity at the gym. I am the scary guy swinging bells, doing copious amounts of pull ups, and power breathing. The hamsters ignore me. Cardio queens are scared. Other young men stroke themselves as close to the mirror as possible. I train harder than the other guy.

Days in review:
Sunday 10-5 Sumo Deadlifts
Tuesday 10-7 80 sets Max V02 15:15
Thursday 10-9 Sumo Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Flat DB Press
Friday 10-10 Pull Ups, Front Squats
Sunday 10-12 Pull Ups, Sumo Deadlifts, ROP Pressing
Monday 10-13 Pull Ups, KB Front Squats
Wednesday 10-15 Pull Ups

On each of these days I walked a minimum of 6 miles. On days like today, Friday, that number doubles, and my week starts. I recommend you buy this album.