>1st MLSN Session has been sold out. Register for the 2nd Session:
Tuesday, 730PM
Lower Merion High School.

Phil Scarito of DV8 Fitness and I begin teaching a progressive course through Main Line School Night, the following is taken from their on-line ‘About’ page.


Main Line School Night is committed to enhancing community life by providing adults with opportunities to pursue lifelong learning through a wide selection of affordable, stimulating classes and programs that contribute to personal growth and enrichment.

School Night at a Glance

  • Main Line School Night-the area’s largest adult education program attracts thousands annually with a choice of over 500 weekday, weeknight and weekend non-credit courses.
  • Timely, trendy and familiar courses include Creative Arts, Cooking, Computers, Hobbies, Languages, Music, Writing and Travel.
  • To meet the changing interests and desires of the community nearly one-third of School Night classes are new each term.
  • A competent teaching staff of inspiring instructors, many from nearby colleges, keeps classes lively and congenial.
  • From one-day workshops to 2-week and 5-week classes up to 10-week study programs, courses are planned to fit into busy schedules.

The course will be split into two 5 Week courses, held once a week, on Tuesday evenings at 730pm. Sessions are 90 minutes, and priced fairer than any personal training or group instruction you will find that provides training of this caliber.

If you attend both 5 Week courses, you will be progressed from one set of KB applications to another. If you choose to register for the second ha;f only, you will not be alone, and will receive proper training on the initial battery of Kettlebell Drills.

Each 5 week session is 65.00.

Contact the MLSN office or the instructors for registration or kettlebell theory.

Phil Scarito phil@dv8fitness.com

Will Williams kettlebelltrainer@gmail.com

Course 1 beginning February 24 [ends 3.24.09, waiting list only]
Course 2 beginning March 31 [ends 4.28.09]

Main Line School Night

Contact Information

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 9 am – 4 pm
Friday: 9 am – 2 pm

By Phone


By Email


In Person

Main Line School Night
260 Gulph Creek Road
Radnor, PA 19087

Read ‘zero sum’ while this blog plays host to a shamelss advertisement.

>Dice values assigned to 32kg kettlebell for today’s special.

1 Get Up, each side
2 GU, each side
3 GU, each side
4 2 GU each side
5 Swings, either arm
6 = 5 swings each arm

“Create, Control

Rolled: 4, 5, 5, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1
Finished with 10 swings each arm. Watched The X-Files all day, going to The Joe now. Yoga and clients tomorrow.


>Directly from the web site which honors Sailor Jerry. The Original Sailor Jerry. All the ‘cool’ trendy types with their Ed Hardy belts and ball caps and whatever else they adorn themselves with, should read every word on this site and study the art. The art, my friends.

Sailor Jerry’s Work

(Including a rationale for Buxoms)

As with the work of any great artist, every one of Sailor Jerry’s designs reflects an extra level of depth, some detail that communicates more than the content would indicate. In one surprisingly beautiful design, a sailing ship crosses ocean over the word “HOMEWARD”- the shading is meticulous, the lines are perfect, but it’s a burst of bright red coming from behind the boat that makes it extraordinary, depicting the romance and optimism necessary to sustain a life at sea.

The biggest thing missing from such a life, of course, is breasts- and the individuals behind them. Buxom maidens are a centerpiece of old-school tattooing, and they were Sailor Jerry’s specialty. Jerry’s girls are not waifs, they are zaftig creations, with luscious thighs, shapely calves and highly pert boobs. Yet its their eyes that stand out above everything- eyes that are playful, knowing and aware. Even when they’re shut, you can feel the presence behind them. It’s easy to see how they can get under a man’s skin. They’re alluring enough to look at everyday, until death do you part, leaving them behind to spark lively conversations at your wake. “That was the last one old Joe got before he settled down. Word is she still lives on the islands, raised two kids. She’s a sweetie, she is.”


One masterpiece has a woman standing with legs spread, holding a large cobra. The snake’s head arches over her shoulder its midsection wraps around her waist. It’s tail is in her hand and she’s holding it a hair’s breath below her crotch, as though she’s been assigned to push a man to the edge of temptation his whole life long.

Another seductress is a kind of honky tonk Eve, staring naked for behind a pint bottle with her right hand gesturing toward a cherry. Below in Sailor Jerry’s signature all-caps style, it read “MY RUIN”. Other women are subtler, seductively shielding themselves with peacock feathers or, in some cases, the peacocks themselves.

Where there are women, there’s disappointment. The Sailor Jerry oeuvre also includes hearts broken in two, the words “BUSTED!” printed in the gap between the jagged halves. Another heart is gashed through with a torpedo. There are whole hearts as well, with banners customized for girlfriends, mothers, and fathers. Even these have something that makes them stand out. A banner “in memory of my father” is centers around a cross set in two hearts. The shading on the cross and the lines around it make it shimmer, conveying a sense of honor that could only exist between a father and a son.

The Man you should know.