>Sunday with Dr. Don Berry and Sandy Sommer RKC.

In Maryland.

16kg, 8 reps, 60 sets of mV02 15:15.

And a Semper Fi to you too, kids.


>The crew from Session One

What you may expect from this 5 week, 7.5 hour progressive course.

The success of this training evolution is reliant upon the user’s grasp of breathing and muscular tension applications for strength training with regard to the kettlebell as premier tool. The awkward initial handling of the bell and the intimidation it brings to potential users may be neutralized by keeping the battery of exercises simple and ferociously effective. We maintain that the two classes of kettlebell drills, both Grinds and Ballistics, carry their own checklists, however multiple principles visit both lists. Griping the bell maximally tight while swinging or Getting Up is non-negotiable. Breathing for a squat and Dead lift are both a biomechanical match. Science aside, your heart rate and muscle recognition will both accelerate with simple breathing and tension applications.

The kettlebell was popularized on the world wide web and in print with Muscle Media magazine, finding it’s way to Will’s eyes in 2000, and into Phils’ face in 2007. You are receiving a dose of instruction from two pioneers in the perception and reality of body mechanics. When attending the Russian Kettlebell Challenge, candidates accept the RKC Code of Conduct, a written and verbally delivered precept of the curriculum. Noting that those who pass the three days of training must also conduct themselves as curt messengers of the bell’s story, for they will often be the first person to properly instruct many people with use of the kettlebell. Will and Phil take this endeavor as serious as they would a direct order from the Company Commander. Cosmetic bonus’ overflow from the training covered and the Mission 5 template will guide you through, at the very least, the next open door in your training career.

Mission 5: The memorable device for performance, progression, and tangible growth of skeletal muscle and strength training proficiency. We will use 5 Kettlebell drills to exact the RKC code and curriculum on you, and feed the factor tree of those Drills with 5 Points of Proficiency and various enabling drills. The 5 Sessions for Strength and 5 ‘Fat-Free’ Sessions will keep your body busy refining the constants of the basics and allowing for regular variety in the menus for your training. The principles that hallmark each drill will often overlap, so mark the similarities in all drills and use that recognition to fuel growth in your additional physical endeavors. Golfers get hip mojo and runners get a strong reconfiguration of their hip and lower back neutrality. Enjoy this preview as you would a guide to a textbook or a short story reporting the travels of many who open an avenue of old repute but eternal wealth. The principles of health and strength should be ready for your consumption. Everything these two men have learned about kettlebells comes from Pavel Tsatsouline and the RKC.

Phil and Will wish you the best in the self administered practice of this ancient and reborn fitness art.

>Wednesday 3_25_09

Walk/jog 1 mile to the track, on my way there I hit pull ups in two separate parks, using a variety of grip positions.

My high school’s pleasant, well lit, and rubberized track. I rock body-weight drills behind the straightaway starting line.

10 Squat Thrusts, 1/2 lap
10 squat thrusts, 1/2 lap
Rest :45
10 SQTH + push ups, 1/2 lap,
10 SQTH + push ups, 1/2 lap,
Rest :45
10 rolling deck squats, 1/2 lap,
10 rolling deck squats, 1/2 lap.
Rest :30
1 full 400m lap.
Walk 1 mile home.

Tuesday 3_24_09 ‘Graduation’
Main Line School Night 5 week session completion package. Phil Scarito made the students grab heavy bells. As a co-instructor, I joined the kids.

x 5 jerks RL [Students pressed]
x 20 swings, x 10 swings LR, x 10 swings RL
All swing sets alternated with five 24kg presses each arm.

x Get Up Ladder 1RL_2RL_3RL.

x 30 swings.

Pull Ups, forever tactical. 3 sets of 3-5 reps.