26 bodies, instructors and students, attended and this class. Phil and Gary held the bottom of the stairs, and introduced kids to bells. Jennifer Morey RKC 2 x 12kg and your narrator 2 x 20kg hit the stairs, and rolled up the whammy.

Double Jerk 10/Stairs
Double Jerk 15/Stairs
Double Jerk 20/Suicide Stairs

Snatch 10rl/Stairs
Snatch 15rl/Stairs
Snatch 20rl/Suicide Stairs

Swing 10rl/Stairs
Double Jerk 15/Stairs
Snatch 20rl/Suicide Stairs

My time 28:45

Nancy & Audrey McKenna clocked a miscued version of the workout in 25:19, and hung at the final 3 flights of my final suicide shuttle, and motivated my final flights with their own gracious speed. These two girls and Mother Daughter, righteously fit, and know how a team works. Thank you Nancy that last twist of the night was raw. Slainte!

Jennifer Morey RKC 2 x 12kg kettlebells finished between the McKillers, and myself.

Phil Scarito of DV8 Fitness and Gary Berenbroick, of High Level Fitness in Bryn Mawr, had excellent showings from their students, and Mike Barbato RKC of Precision Kettlebells sent one young buck our way. Many thanks to all, and to High Level Fitness and DV8 Fitness for supplying kettlebells. The pair of 3rd generation Dragon Door black beauties felt nice on the snatches.

Your narrator, after finding his bike at the trolley station, still secure yet with two flat tires, has decided to stay home tonight, in order to set a goal of staying sane, and beginning to save money for a trip to Atlanta, involving a Danish guy, a Southern gentleman, and a Jaguar R Series over the Independence Day weekend.

Do not adjust your monitor, the evolution will soon be televised.

Oscar Uniform Tango


I regret to inform you all that you are required to attend the Art Museum Training event next Thursday, 30 April, at 730PM. This will be the final PM Old 97 workout until late July. Here is what you need to know.

The parking attendant was not there last time, parking was free. If he is there, pay 8.00. If you choose, pull in front of the museum, dump your bells, drive around the circle again and attempt to find a spot on a side street.

If you do not know the back roads, you can meet me at my house and follow us. . .

You must BYO Bells if you have them. Phil, Gary, and I will supply as many bells as we can, however we need your help. Ladies a pair of 12kg bells and gents a pair of 16kg bells or heavier. We will be hitting push jerks and snatches in between the stairs.

The workout will begin after a Jerk/Snatch Tutorial. If you do not yet know these moves, you will default to the King of drills, The Swing. . .

Here is the workout. Practice if you dare.

Full Stairs
10 double jerks
Full Stairs
15 Double Jerks
Suicide Stairs
20 Double jerks

Full Stairs
10 Snatches each arm
Full Stairs
15 Snatches L,R
Suicide Stairs
20 Snatches R,L

Full Stairs
15 snatches each arm
Full Stairs
20 Double Jerks
Suicide Stairs
20 Snatches each arm

Time this workout if you choose. 35 minutes is an excellent time.

The ‘full stairs’ no longer includes a trip to the East Door, you must simply reach the top of the stairs and step over the grate with both feet.

I am looking forward to this. . .


Will Williams
Senior Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor
National Strength and Conditioning Association CPT

Post Script [my practice]
Friday 24 April
Pull Ups 3,5
40kg loaded cleans x 2,2,2
Single leg dead-lift 40kg x 3r,l
Pull Ups x 5 sets of 1, high.

60 minutes later
24kg bottoms up presses and cleans.

Main Line School Night
Session 2, lesson 4 of 5.

Single Leg Deadlifts, Get Ups, abdominal ‘bracing’ [breathing exercise], swings, pull ups, alternating military press.

SLDL- 1 kb, contra lateral, sets of 3 and 5.
Had the kids approach the bell with a suitcase deadlift negative, followed by extension of the free leg in the air behind them. From that position, they tightened up and pulled to a single leg lockout, from there, a set of 5.

Get Ups? 3 naked left and right. 3 each arm with a light bell. After two sets of SLDL, they hit a set of 2 each arm to develop a lat, to bridge the space between the shoulder and hip.

SWINGS: double swings for some, heavy one arm swings for most. On line, the class rotated between two squads of 8 bodies, from the swings to the pull up bar. Sets of 1 and 2 pull ups were fired off after four rounds of swinging.

Static Position Stepping Swings. You just had to be there for this one, I can’t even put it in type, it was beautiful. 9 minutes of glorious glute-ification.

Alternating Military Press: The kids had never gone over the press, nor the clean, but with Getting Up a priority these days, they went from locked out to racked efficiently, and without catasrophe on the clean. So they drilled 3-4-5 as squads, and took two pulls on the chinning bar between Presses. To finish, they grabbed a set of 5 double military presses.

As I blog this, I am listening to the ultimate rainy day CD, ‘Dirt’ from Alice In Chains. From the city where rain became fame, AIC were the grunge metal premier. I have hauled “Frank”
Frank, my 32klg kettlebell.
up to my room and have been pressing him 1-2-3 times and then pulling for 5 on the TAPS rig out back. I slept most of the afternoon and woke up to a gorgeous, sunny 630pm. I rode 3 miles on my bike to the class, and when I emerged from the large intestine of Lower Merion High School the clouds had waged war upon us and there was a 45 minute thunder storm that made my ride home even more of a treat. So I’m pressing inside, pulling out, and letting the spring rain do it’s thing. I hope you all had as groovy a holiday as mine.

Only to return,