Keystone Hardstyle is proud to offer you the third in what may be a series of many training sessions involving the Russian Kettlebell and a theme-orientated workout.

This is not for the uninitiated. If you are not on a first name basis with the snatch, unpack your lunch and hang tight. This is Varsity Kettlebell competition.

50 [25 l,r] Snatches followed by a 400m run, Four series of this. 200 snatches and a mile shuffle. Can you hang?

I am going to load my USMC patrol pack with 10kg of extra gear, and make this shuffle worthwhile. I’ll be snatching a 20kg in an attempt to spare my neck and traps a lasting degree of pain for the following days. A pack with gear may not be the soundest idea for a touchy neck, but I will risk it to make those four laps around a dusty, gravel track worthy of an OOH RAH.

If you are a Marine, I would hope that you will see us there.

Gary Berenbroick, Phil Scarito, Jennifer Morey and myself will aid in pressing the day’s events to our fellow RKCs. A chance to set up the Live 8 of kettlebell training events. Not quite as grand, but on 3 continents? Something tells me Europe and Japan may not be as jazzed about the date as we are. . . . . . . . .

Saturday 6 June, completed before NOON, local time.
25 Snatches left & right, 400m lap
25 LR Snatches, 400m lap
25 LR Snatches, 400m lap
25 LR Snatches, 400m lap

200 Snatches, and a mile.

Craig J Sjostrom RKC/CAS has posted a time of 14:19 with a 16kg kettlebell, can you beat 15 minutes?

For residents of southeastern PA, NJ, and DE.
General Wayne Elemenatry, Malvern PA. Time TBD.

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I just hammered out 25l, 25r x 4 sets with a 16kg. Begin training now!
Marine Corps!