Today’s [7.17.2009] training:
3 RKCs and an RKC II for Pull Up experiments and a session with the Buckeye Smack talker who will soon be able to do a pull up despite her poor attitude towards bending!

Today’s event [7-14-2009] No Trader Joe’s. 7 sessions today, 2 FMS screens, 5 pull up sessions, 6 cups of coffee, one beautiful woman on my mind, and about 3 hours of reggae to get me feelin’ it.

[7-12-09] Today’s event? 2 x 45 minute Max V02 15:15 sessions with Students, Pull Ups with George Samuels, and then some summertime action.

7-11-2009 event: Kettlebell Training at Dragon Gym in Exton, PA.

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