>Good session at the temple today, as I had not been there in awhile.  My hernia did not bother me as I ran the steps with Nurse Alpha, but my knee is now swollen up like a 5 year convict.  Also, another great session with the Kali instructor from NYC who plans to attend the NYC HKC on June 19th.  He has issues with the right elbow and the right ankle, so FMS corrections are in place for his deep squat and he is seeing a physio-therapist for the elbow. 

And, while there are some terribly exciting things happening here, you can not know about any of them!  Not until I return from the Certified Indian Clubs Specialist workshop this weekend and I return from my trip to the lighthouse with my lady friend.  Actually, she is my special lady.  If you are a ‘brother Seamus’ then you know what I mean.

Upcoming Events

May 8-9th: Functional Movement Screen with Master RKC, CSCS Brett Jones
Dolce Hotel, King of Prussia PA
Registration info here

May 16th: Advanced Kettlebell Training workshop in VA Beach, VA

June 19th
Five Points Academy
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, NYC

June 27th
Dragon Gym [martial arts school]
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, Exton PA

July 18th
Kettlebell Kingdom
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, Providence RI

If you need to be knowledged before I get back, entertain this link:
Excess estrogen and weight gain by the author of The Warrior Diet

>Saturday was a day of rest and recharge.  A few episodes of The X-Files and a massive feast early in the afternoon set the tone for a video tutorial [Grip N’ Rip 2.0] and some buzzing around the kitchen, cleaning.  Upon waking Sunday AM, I was out the door by 0900 for some sessions.

Two RKCs I train showed up for private sessions looking like bags of smashed ass.  A patrol officer and a nurse both had grinding shifts and rough nights minus sleep.  Their rolling patterns looked great but their biofeedback testing was all over the place!  Officer Cop’s baseline was 8″ ablove the deck [no big deal, as it is all relative to the subsequent testing, not the ROM relative to any standard] and every thing he tested for, save parallel grip chins, was negative.  Nurse Alpha shows up exactly at 0930, atypical as she is always early.  She slept light after a long talk on the phone with a boy.  This is a fit woman who can normally touch her flat palms to the floor.  Yesterday saw her test poorly for everything except supine chin ups.  Now, she did move through some other patterns just to make her body aware of the day.

So, they day came where people test bad and it is up to my judgement as a trainer of 8 years to make thier money talk,and their next session solid.  I deferred to the biofeedback and kept their training light.  When I see them again it should be on better rest.  Regardless, I’m going to test them via toe touch ROM and work the heck out of what’s available. 

Doctor Bravo came to The Garage and tested well for everything.  She played well with pairs of bells and we again trained her in prep for the density protocols this May.  Right now I’m just collecting data.

Spotted Chin Ups for 5-4-3-2-1 in 9:00

8kg Double FRSQT for 10-10-8 reps in 6:00

10:00 of DBL 8kg C&P at 7 reps a minute [70% relative intensity of her 1:00 C&P max]

Oscar uniform tango


>My review for the Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD
When it was announced that the workshop I missed in February 2010 was being edited into a two DVD set I was relieved. When I finished watching the DVD a moment ago I was again bummed that I missed an excellent tutorial. I have had the pleasure of knowing Brad for 4 years and of late there have been some compelling conversations with Adam in person and over the phone. Adam displayed sincere concern for my own health on the first day I met him, as my orthopedic issues are well documented [from Osgood Schlatter’s disease at 11 years old to wrecking my wrists crashing my mountain bike twice last year]. He told me that there were things brewing in St. Paul, MN and Minot, ND that I wanted to be aware of.
Doctor’s have always told me that military life and weight lifting was what wrecked me. Not the multiple MVAs or the other trauma. They say ‘rest’, and I cringe. I am a shark. I simply cannot stop swimming. Adam briefed me on the Gym Movement protocol and because it was so simple I nearly scoffed at it. Never again will I doubt this man. The Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD is infused with the Gym Movement biofeedback testing procedures [with regard to range of motion testing] and it compliments the simplification of movement based strength training. It has everything to do with not wasting effort and quite a bit to do with your future as a fan of exercise. Pulling movements, pressing movements, and gripping. Defined as lifting, pushing, and crushing. Fans of Muscle and Fitness magazine will not be stoked when they realize the absence of words like semimembranosus and spinal erectors, still beginners can gain from this DVD. Experienced athletes and coaches will not delight in the consummation of the words ‘efficiency’ and ‘deadlift’, still, salty veterans should pay attention to the gains Adam has made in volume, density, and intensity using the testing protocols and the minimal effective tension.
When you watch the DVD do not sweat the momentary auditory scramble in the beginning of disc 1, or the abrupt ending to the same disc. This DVD set is high on content and the structure is not stressed as much as their delivery of the message:
“It can all be so simple”. Now, me being a know-it-all [I know everything] I watched the deadlift portion waiting to see some axels lifted and some veins popping. Nope! No Nitro, either. What you will see is the awesome simplification of movement training with regard to strength. The two-plate pinch grip DL was awesome. The entire DL section was great because not once did I hear about muscle groups. What I saw was multiple user’s pulling patterns getting better. I appreciate the fact that what you really talked about was not wasting anything once you decide to step to the bar. No talk about breathing or tension, and I understand that because I understand the DL pretty well, and what you guys did was select the DL as an example of a big pull that you wanted to use to display efficiency.
Disc 2 was money! After attending a house warming party for friends last night and crashing my diet in style [Sailor Jerry rum and vegetarian chili, dairy free cupcakes and Pabst Blue Ribbon], I certainly deserved to watch Brad flow on proper nutrition. The ‘white board’ section on junk food and alcoholic drinks’ caloric density is not foreign to me as a fellow instructor on fat-loss, but to watch Brad present it will help me communicate it to my clients in a more, ahem, efficient manner.
When you have questions about the content, and you feel that there were gaps, refer to the BONUSES you are emailed when you purchase the DVD. I am not sure if they were limited to the 1st 100 copies, but the extra videos and PDFs that I was emailed answered many of the questions I had. And do not forget that for “market value” you can have Adam on the phone for 30 minutes.
To conclude, this is a DVD that disentangles the web that the fitness/weight loss industries have spun us in. Can it all be this simple? I think it can. And if Gym Movement protocols and programming my clients’ futures based on volume, density, and intensity can help my business grow while my clients advance, I will honor the content of this DVD with my own PR smashing.
Will Williams Senior RKC
-owner of Authentic Strength Training in suburban Philadelphia-