>Greetings all, but excuse me while I just hash out some math on the web here.  I mistakenly trained Dr. Bravo yesterday without having her note book up in my face.  I am pretty damn sure she PR’d in her 10:00 barbell press block.

May 15 10:00 block
Barbell press 1RM = 65lbs.
Volume: 18 reps over 6 sets = 990 lbs.
Intensity: 55lbs for every rep = 85% relative intensity
Density: Ten Minutes

May 28  10:00 block
Volume: 26 reps over 3 sets and 1,300 lbs. PR
Intensity: 77% = 50 lbs. for each rep
Density: 10:00

Next time, if it tests well, we’ll break that volume by 30%.  1,300 = 30% = 1,690.  1,690/45 lbs = 38 reps with just the bar.  Nah, she deserves a pull up.  We’ll crank intensity if if tests well. 90% intensity = 58 lbs.
We’ll see.

Cool eh?  The rest of the data is at the studio, and when I have a chance to blog it i will.  She squatted for about 20:00 before this and also did 5:00 of snatches with a 16kg afterwards.  She obeyed the EOE for her snatches, and still cranked out 71.  She was all tripped out because she didn’t get 100.  I told her that even after a big barbell session she could crank out 71 with a 16kg bell without her breathing, alignment, or tension going south.  It’s actually quite impressive, I told her.

Enough about that!  Have you heard Diamond Eyes yet?  If you do not know what I am referring too, go listen to White Pony first, and then come back.  Only then will you be allowed to listen to Diamond Eyes.

>Just a regular john. Over the hills and through my years it’s been a long to movement to an unknown objective.  I’m in step, out of formation, and who are you girl?
  Who could know that the season’s focus would have been made less difficult, and a healthier set of obstacles, by the passing of a name.  I have a meeting with an intern at 1030 Thursday.  Starbucks on Big Hill.  Kid fancies himself a student of phys ed.  He’s going to have a nice summer.  Time to gift a mind, if i may.
  Nothing tested well today.  I know that bummed out sleep and nipping injuries at every joint, I should likely have not lifted.  And i didn’t, but i tested.  And now with Queens Of the Stone Age in my face, it appears written on the wall.  Chalkboard ticks tell tales of sales made to fade the flab.  I can count too, mon ami.
Toe touch ROM
-Barbell military press pattern tested +, loaded tested bad.
-snatches 24kg pattern tested at baseline
COC # 1
-20 kg snatches tested bad

I went on to squeeze the COC #1 and not close it.  On my dominant hand.  Oh yes I am concerned.  It appears to me that the problems hanging around my thoracic area [shoulder joints, scap & sub-scap area] have disrupted my grip strength.  246 lbs. with about 20 useless, and I can’t bust the cherry on a No. 1?  I’m straight slippin’!  Well if you would like to find out for me if my hands are innervated by T-3,4,5 that would be great.  Weakened grip and slippery shoulder.  Brett & Gray touch upon it in ‘Secrets of the Shoulder’.  It can be fixed.  The right questions can be asked.  By me.

The end of my work day came with the arrival of two strong ladies, fit to both the eye and the iron.  HKC/RKC candidates the both of them, I tested for all the drills frequently.  32 & 40kg Sumo deadlifts introduced the hips to the evening movements, and soon we were pulling 95 lbs. [bumpers] for a single each, and then 105, onto 110, and then respective body weight singles.  Oh yeah it was tasty.  If i had walked by in passing i would have lingered at the window.
-it was also humid and stagnant
-i opted not to turn on the fan
-i swept and used the roller-sucker
-Coheed & Cambria dominated the playlist
JR deadlifted 155 x 1
MP 130 x 1
-small, spiral top-wound notebooks were passed out.
-tracking Volume-Intensity-Density was taught
-chalkboard was wiped clean
I allowed them to only purchase 5 each, completing the 10 which I require in order to train with me.  Would love to burn them up all summer, but Apollo, I’m already burning up.