>When I met Will Williams about a year ago, I was training for my RKC.  I had begun kettlebell training only a short while before.  My first encounter with Will was at an entry level kettlebell class, he was assisting and providing guidance.  I remember we were performing a double bell C&P drill and Will asked how long I had been training.  My response was only 2 months.  The next time I saw Will, he was my team leader at the RKC, 5 months later.  The intimidation of being tested and challenged by a senior level instructor was enough to push me beyond limits I didn’t even know I had!  Will saw a potential in me and was gracious enough to grant me the license to drive!  Little did I know this experience would change my life forever.

I didn’t realize that that fortunate coincidence would lead me to the goals that I have achieved now.  I knew there was a reason he was an expert in the field.  I decided to take advantage of my good fortune and began twice a week training with him. 

After an evaluation of my abilities and an FMS screening, he immediately put together a master-minded program to improve my body composition and strength.  Within 2 months, I lost an overall 8 inches and a dress size!  Things have only gotten better from there.  Since that time, we’ve begun a stair-running regimen at the Art Museum that would put any athlete to shame!  We’ve run through multiple pressing and squatting routines, improved my get-up, single-leg deadlift and FMS scores.  The application of rolling patterns and testing for smart training for injury prevention provides consistent feedback for improvement.  There’s perpetual pull-up training.  The implementation of PR Zones provides concrete evidence of forward progress.  With Will, you don’t just have a workout session, it’s more like an exercise in humility and a reflection of your commitment to the cause.

In my quest for improving my physical well-being (that which carries the implication of the improvement of your mental well-being), I’ve evolved from step-aerobics and bicep pumps to kettlebells, running and a commitment to healthy eating.  If anyone would have asked me 5 years ago if I would participate in a sprint triathlon, I would have thought I would see pigs fly first!  The improvements that I have seen in myself as a result of Will’s instruction has given me the motivation and the confidence to do the things I once thought impossible!!

If you don’t already have the fortune of training with Will…..do yourself the favor.  Find your limits and exceed them!!!

Nurse Alpha


Before i leave for the Tactical Athlete Instructor Course hosted by Jeff Martone in Knoxville, TN, it is important that my clients view their most recent PR Zones and have a clear understanding of calculating your totals, while i am gone.  Jimmy The Intern will be able to help you as well, he may be reached at Kettlebells 4 U in Paoli, PA during the week of June28th to July 2nd.  KB4U 610-647-4956
We’ll use the Gutch Monster’s 0600 session from today as an example.  He tested well for 1 arm military presses with a KB and double KB sumo deadlifts.  Only Dragon Door kettlebells are used in the making of these zones.

15:00 PR zone for paired exercises
Double 12kg-16kg KB Sumo deadlift                            16-20kg KB press

start time weight + reps end load start weight/reps end load
00:00 53lbs + 5 :10 265 :20 35lbs. + 3rl :45 210
:55 53 + 8 1:25 424 2:30 35 + 6rl 3:15 420
4:00 53 + 8 4:30 424 5:00 35 + 7r 6l 5:40 455
7:15 53 + 6 7:35 318 8:45 35 + 7r 6l 9:35 455
11:10 70 + 8 11:40 560 13:00 44 + 3rl 13:30 264
14:20 70 + 6 14:45 420

Volume = Tonnage [total loads] 2,411 lbs.
Total reps & sets = 41 & 6, average rep in lbs. = tonnage/reps = 59lbs.             
Volume = Tonnage 1,804
Total reps & sets = 27 right, 25 left, average rep in lbs. = 35 lbs.
Intensity = % of 1 rep max [176 lb two KB deadlift is his 1RM]  30-40% Intensity [his back got tired, he played a hockey game last night and was up until 0400, and our session was at 0600.  He’s committed!          

Intensity = % of 1 rep max [62 lb. bell is his 1RM] 35lbs. = 55%, 44 lbs. = 72%

Total Time = 14:45 or 14.75                  
Work time = 2:25                       

Work time = 3:10
Both work times = 5:35 or 5.58
Total time divided by work = X
100% divided by X = % Density, or, what % of the PR Zone was actual work.  
14.75/5.58 = 2.64
100/2.64 = 37.8% Density
When recording your work times, round to 0 or 5 with regard to seconds, as it will likely be easier for you and not exactly cheating.  Also, when totaling your work time, you should do the math without a calculator, as calculators total at 100, and minutes end at 60.
When dividing Total Time by Work, do not divide the actual times, take the seconds and convert them into a % of the minute.
e.g. 14:45 = 14.75, etc. 
This may seem like an extraordinary amount of work but if you choose to train for the rest of your life, long after you and i have moved on, this is an important formula for you to grip.  Also, not every workout is a PR Zone [http://www.staleytraining.com], anytime you like, you may scrap the zone and just work on a movement that tested well.  Test frequently and change your position [hand, feet, rotation, etc.] in order to improve the movement.  If it tests well, train it.  If it does not test well, adjust, retest, and obey.  Just record your total time, weight + reps, and you will be able to calculate volume, intensity, and density.

>I am beyond busy.  No time to post the actual numbers, but Neighbor Bob set 4 PRs this morning.
15:00 PR ZONE for 21.5″ elevated push ups and body weight lunges
Push Up Volume, average rep per set, Lunge volume, and total density [36.36%]

Tactical Athlete Instructor Course next week!  More to come. . .