>Saturday 24 July.  I graduated USMC recruit training 12 years ago.  Walked off the motivated island with Old Dad and Ma, shinier than a rifle expert badge.  Got lots done in the last 12 years.  Lots more t’do.  Feel it comin, feel it out there.  It’s shaped me.  It’s ate me.  Last night i saw The Black Keys play on the river.  Night of blues, big ticket, lots of changes.  Hendrix revival complete; summer marches on.

Body-weight 240 lbs.
NECK 17″, SHOULDERS 49.25″, CHEST 45.5″
NAVEL 37″, WAIST 37.5″, HIPS 43.75″
LEFT THIGH 26″, CALF 17.25″
RIGHT THIGH 26.5″, CALF 17.25″

Last night i drank alcohol for the first time in two months.  I was trying to lose belly fat by not drinking, but it seems that i gained about 10 lbs. of muscle as soon as i began eating all meats and animal products again [same time i stopped drinking].  So, i have not stripped down an absurd amount of fat in 8 weeks, which was the plan.  However, i am pretty big and kinda lean and i feel that my movement qualtity is increasing and the remainder of this state report may shock you:
No multiple injury flare ups.

Cartwheel to handstand and free handstand QOM is getting better.
Janda sit ups with no power breathing and minimal tension are testing well.
I am going to hit some weighted pull ups and get my arms up 1″, as i desire consistent measurements from neck to calf to upper arm in circumference.
Jumping rope will have to replace the Art Museum steps for now, as the last trip there wrecked me.  The run there banged me up, the steps themselves tested well and trained just fine.  But i was silly.  I was in a rush, and i ran from 30th st. station to the museum, hit the steps for 18:00 and then ran back to 30th st.  Bad idea, won’t be repeated.

Next up: Handstand push up training, 24kg snatches with minimal Effective Amount of Tension [none at all], jumping rope, getting tan, moving on. . .

>Overcooked, is how i woulds describe it.  Too many appetizers and too much dessert. 

Typically my sessions at The Temple involve me
A] Taking the Route 100 to the 69th St. terminal
B] Market St to 30th St
C] Walk the Schuylkill river banks to the Art Museum
D] Steps, out, invert travel course.

So, on Tuesday, i hit the steps.  After 13 hours of travel on Monday [Minneapolis to Atlanta, ATL to NYC, a bus, and four trains later i was at home] i felt crusty.  Ate a mad healthy dinner Monday, and then slept for 7 hours.  Woke up Tuesday feeling very foggy.  Sunday night we went to like 5 bars, and i again did not have a sip of alcohol, yet the crew was up late talking all night.  Adam drove me to the airport at 0500 and the travel commenced.  Tuesday was a compressed day, and against all my signals and ran on concrete to the museum and back from.  Bad idea.

In training, steps tested well on Tuesday.  However, yesterday [Wed] i was a wreck and could not shake the feeling that i was over trained, overcooked.  I did too much before the steps and too much after.  So yucky was i and i put yucky in my belly again yesterday.

But here is what is most important.  Due to the signal sensitivity i have in my body now, i knew that training anything yesterday was out of the question, and i just woke up from 9 hours of sleep feeling awesome.  So, mEA of activity to prep myself, and then, at NOON, when my 5 AM sessions are complete, Daddy begins to test.  Also, i finished The Crossing.  When that story was complete, last night, i actually held the book to my chest and had to take deep breaths in order not to weep loudly. 

Note: Thank you to fF for drawing the Faulkner/McCarthy parallel, as i would have not done it myself, since everytime i read Faulkner from 2004-2005 i was drunk.  Not kidding!

So, in the cue:
Grass fed beef
broccoli rabe
“Dune” by Frank Herbert if the library has it
“Under The Dome” by Stephen King if Dune is checked out
Handstands, Janda sit ups, snatches

I am getting an iPhone and now you can see me on Twitter @trainauthentic


>What tests well? What tests better? Are you just working your strengths? Why stay away from weaknesses? It’s a tent revival. It’s crap, stay away from it. Nobody PRs every day. I never had a PR on a day i felt good walking into the gym.

“You know why you and I are friends, even though other people dont get it? They all think its a service connection, but that’s not it.

We are beasts pretending to be men. Some days we do better than others. One minute we are laughing, shaking hands and telling pleasant stories, the next we pee on some ones shit and demand they fight us over the last pork-chop.

Instead of hating that, I say embrace it. Be the best man you can, and never try to hide the beast. We will talk more when you arrive”

You’re my hero for doing it. I love you brother.

All of these words are direct quotes from people who have affected me greatly over the last 6 years. Craig Sjostrom RKC 2004, RKC II told me to go to Vegas. Sh!tfaced drunk at 0230 and then snatching on a field in the desert 8 hours later, then on a plane and at a King of The Cage event at Soboba Casino 8 hours after that.

Yes, that is what really happened at the 1st National Kettlebell Convention, and that is the day i rolled up and posted 202 the one, and only time, i went 10:00 with a 24kg kettlebell.

We might as well be numb, he said.

Yesterday, 11 weeks to the day after ANOTHER WORD TO YOUR MOTHER hernia surgery, after about 6 weeks of consistent biofeedback testing and training hardly anything other than handstands, headstands, hanging knee raises, and Janda sit ups, i went for 10:00 with a 24kg.

Snatches test well, but not how you would think. If i slightly shrug my shoulder at the top, and ‘unpack’ the joint, they test well with ROM and grip strength in KG/psi. Yesterday, i went up Route 202. Got off two exits early. Bummer! [not really]

11 right, test + ROM
11 left, test + ROM
11R-11L, test + ROM
11R-11L, test negative ROM
17R-17L test negative ROM
20R-20L, test negative ROM
done, at 10:12

Why did i ignore the tests and keep going? Well, it was competition day. When you train calm and relaxed, it pays off on comp day/test day/rent-is-due-today-day.

I have not snatched for real since last 4th of July at Delaine Ross’ Condition Gym in Atlanta [i love that gym]. I have, however, unpacked my shoulder and after 14 months of not moving with weight, after understanding that i should not pack two banged up shoulders [one side with a torn levator muscle and another with a scapula that has been forever altered], after testing and obeying tests, i went all out, balls out, donate your lunch, don’t fall out, and today, i am in no pain at all.

Let me detail my recent history for those readers who aren’t familiar wit my issues regarding pain and depression and irresponsibility and the cycling of those three elements that nearly defined and destroyed my career. Until i spoke with Adam Glass in March, i was in pain after every single training session from September 2008-April 2009. Then i stopped moving.  I’m moving again.

Guess what? I am leading me. My system, my rules.

Next goal? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens in continuum with this amazing return to the dance floor.

And, if by any chance at all, You are reading this, i miss you. Every minute of every beautiful day on this Earth.

Ring it.