What an exciting two weeks it has been.  Actually closer to three.  Beginning with the Hank III/Assjack concert on Friday the 10th, your old dad here has seen and done some things that have causation for things just never bein’ the same.

I finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s border trilogy.  Just in time to live the elements described in the epilogue of the final book, Cities Of The Plain. 

I booked several trips for the autumn and winter.  I am going to New York City to watch My Morning Jacket perform their 2001 record “At Dawn” in its entirety, with additional songs. 

I am traveling to Minneapolis to train at The Movement Minneapolis with Adam T Glass and Maryanne Garvin.

With a posse of twelve and growing, Trader Joe’s crew members and friends are escaping to the Pocono mountains for four days with, well, good intentions i am sure, but Evil Urges no doubt.

I will see my aunt in Georgia over the Thanksgiving week. 

The black Keys are playing a concert on New Year’s Eve in Chicago.  I will be staying at The Drake hotel. . .
Body weight 241 lbs.
Shoulders:49 1/8
Chest: 48.5
Navel: 38
Waist: 38
Hips: 44.25
Left Thigh 26  Left Calf 17.5
Right Thigh 26.5 Right Calf 17.75
Left Arm n/a
Right Arm n/a

And photos, taken in the same spot, but a bit earlier in the day opposed to the photos from two weeks ago.  I slipped on my nutrition control twice while Trusty was in town.  The other days i just had fun.  A shot of Don Julio reposado tequila on Friday and Saturday.  5 burritos on Saturday night.  A bunch of CRAP last night.  Ugh.  I have been grading myself on nutritional selection and control.  Last night was an F.  So i had to weigh in and take pics.  For i know in my heart that i enjoyed breaking my streak to eat and have fun, yet the days,before he got here i was looking real tight around the waist and weighed in at 236.

>A spectacular a$$ whooping has just taken place here in Philly’s west exurbs, and you will not see it reported on the news.  Nor will you read about it in the daily paper.  It is your trusted narrator who will relay the news to you that Planet Melmac deadlifted 4,058 lbs in 20:00, with more reps at 80% intensity than ever before.  No density PR during that session.  OOH RAH.

Doctor Bravo PRd [made herself better than the previous record] with 6,120 lbs. of deadlift volume in 19:00.

Push press PRs
MelMac, the same day as she deadlifted for a volume PR [better than before by any record of her own or mine or anyone] she hit a double kettlebell push press Density PR at 22.72%.

Doctor Bravo, the same day as she deadlifted for a volume PR, also hit a volume/density PR [1,350 lbs./23.23%] in the 1 arm kettlebell strict press & barbell press.  The numbers are sick, cause she is small.
-10kg x 12 reps left
-14kg x 7 right
-14kg x 6 left
-16kg x 4 right
-16kg x 4 left
-55 lb bar x 4

All in 8 minutes.

Melmac, also a bad a$$, deadlifted 1,330 lbs in just the final 5 minutes of her 20 minute DL session.

These girls train with me ten sessions every month.  They knew what they wanted and they asked me to be the guide.  They be wantin’ it more.

>A thin film of dust has settled over my keypad, it has been so long.  Finishing with Doctor Bravo’s PR we kept it rollin.  Break of break of dawn style.  If you are into that sort of thing. . .

Recent PRs from Clients. . .
Tiny Tangetti-Pistol density, deadlift intensity-new 1RM = 210 lbs., or 1.67x her bodyweight.

Anne The Fan-PR military press intensity [10kg x 10 reps each arm, strict]

Neighbor Bob-Personal Record in TRX bodyweight rows.

Oh yeah. . . .the Major snatched for 8,000 lbs. in an ‘under the wire’ density PR.  Hard wired.  Hostile.  Legendary.