>What i did not like about 2010:

I failed myself in a few areas which were very important to me, and i can not reclaim the chance i was given.

I had lower renewal rate with clients this year than was expected, simply because i got lazy in November.

The delay in passing the Zadroga bill stripped me of any faith i had left in this country.

I concluded that some friendships, which are not reciprocal, are not friendships.

My parents wrongfully appropriated $30,000, which was every penny of my inheritance, and moved to a trailer park in Delaware. True story.

What i loved about 2010

I saw My Morning Jacket three times, in three separate cities.

I will have seen The Black Keys twice by year’s end [the July show at Penn’s Landing was sublime], as i am traveling to Chicago to see them on New Year’s Eve. . . .

With the same crew i saw Social D three times in 11 months, in three different cities.

Boardwalk Empire & The Walking Dead.

The Flyers’ entry into the playoffs and run to game 6 of the Cup was incredible.

Satisfying the sinister, vindictive Philly kid within me was the beating of a NY Rangers team in a shootout, in the final game of the regular season, to enter the Stanley Cup playoffs as the 6th seed, and then to dispose of the NJ Devils.  Yet, the rally to beat Boston was sight unseen.  Never in my young life has a team i care about mounted a sustained comeback which lasts four straight games.

The repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law is a spiritual victory.  I like women, as you may know, but the repeal was a triumph for millions of Americans and a benchmark for the Obama administration.  I love women.  I desire them.  I fantasize about them.  I crave the life of the family man here at age 31, but in order to have that one must have sex with a woman.  I also crave that.

I visited my lovely aunt in Georgia for Thanksgiving.

Several of my friends had ‘snow babies’, so congratulations.  Snow Babies are mysteriously named, as their birth 9 or 10 months after the back-to-back blizzards we had here in February clearly has nothing to do with the moniker attached. . . .

Welcome to the world Danny and Jameson [JR]. 

Segue!  The historic Philadelphia Eagles comeback against the NY Giants, which i will refer to as “8 great minutes in professional sports”, happened only a few hours after JR and i met.  I hope that my relationship with his parents facilitates and uncle/nephew dynamic, so that i can take him to Flyers playoff games with me in the spring to see, you know, if we a magical duo or something. . .

Jameson Ryan Lyons

The great revelation of my love for country music earlier this year.  
Someone cool and i discussed that Johnny Cash is the gateway for many headbangers and punks.  In my case it was true.  1999 i began to listen to Social D.  Johnny Cash from there.  Waylon Jennings and Hank III took me further.  The Dixie Chicks satiate the desire for female vocals and bluegrass remnants.  The renowned soundtrack to the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which i have owned for nearly ten years, tipped me over the edge.  Numerous compilations and bluegrass records later, i wandered back to Hank III and he pointed me towards Lefty Frizzel and Buck Owens, whose names you may not know simply because George “No Show” Jones is more popular.  There is much left to taste, and Pandora Internet Radio just served me a plate of Merle Haggard with a side of Marty Robbins and a steaming hot cup of Johnny Cash.  Breakfast of champions.

Segue.  I finally read “Breakfast of Champions”, by the inimitable KV.  Do you like comedy?  Do you like to laugh out loud?  Do you appreciate intelligent and tactfully placed racial humor as much as i do?  Read this book.

I attended and completed the Tactical Athlete Instructor Course/Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor Level-I in Knoxville, TN.  Met some excellent men and women and trained with old chum Jeff Martone.

Through the persistence of Adam T Glass, world record holder in the “grip strength” sport of vertical bar dead lifting, i got OUT OF PAIN and reclaimed my place as a personal trainer who is fit-for-duty.

People in my life are generous and kind and caring, and they remind me that, though humanity is ultimately deserving of the self inflicted annihilation it will suffer at it’s end, there are more than enough people out there who spread good.  But we will all perish in flames, do not kid yourself.

I departed the cult i was in for about 5 years and realized that the moment i ceased asking questions about weight training was eerily close to the point in my life where my orthopedic pain levels increased to an intolerable level.

On the initiative of the named party, my relationship with James Sjostrom of Crossfit NRG, [SLC Utah] seems to have been repaired.  James was the bigger man and told me to stop being stupid and angry at him.  Thanks Jarhead.

The Gym Movement protocol and the Movement Model [how to teach the GM protocol] proved to be every bit as good as the testimonials claim it is.  For me it was far beyond ‘as good as advertised’, as the success is relative to the individual user and is therefore subjective, yet always surpasses previous experience with any “program” visited upon them from any magazine, or web post.

In a prediction of the future, i will tell you that after a nice Xmas morning with these two,

My exotic princess and her trusted steed

  i am going to ‘lose my shit’ tomorrow evening in the movie theater during “True Grit”.

And in my favorite moment of 2010, at long daggone last, my homeboy and true friend of over 12 years Justin Garfield visited me, and the Beast coast, for the first time.

Mexico 2006

Short of filming a sextape with Rashida Jones and flying to NYC on rocket skates, Trusty and i had as much fun as two aging Jarheads can have.  Drug and jailhouse free, unlike Waikiki 10 years ago. 

So there are many of the events which shaped my year.  If you know me, you know that my favorite subjects are healthy eating and weightlifting, Batman, music, hockey, movies, and literature.  So, in place of the 6,000 words i can drop on those subjects, i will list for you the efforts which most impressed me this year.

My top records of 2010:
1.  “Diamond Eyes”, Deftones.
2.  “Brothers”, The Black Keys
3.  “How I Got Over”, The Roots

Top Films:
1.  “Inception” 
2.  “Crazy Heart” [released in December 2009] is so good that it counts for this year.
3.  “True Grit”, and i have not even seen it yet.

Top Sports Moments
1.  Flyers erase 3 game deficit to play the Bruins in game 7, and down 4 goals to ZERO in the second period, they summoned the great spirit and sent Boston’s black and gold hockey giants home in straight up shock.
2.  The Eagles aforementioned “8 Great Minutes Of Professional Sports”.
3.  Two words- Cliff Lee.

Make it a wonderful weekend for yourself and those who love you, for you know it or you don’t, ’tis true, life is what we make of it.

>When you plug in, you plug in.  Me too!  Rarely does anyone wearing headphones in any situation, desire to be ‘bothered’ by another person.  On a train, aboard a plane, in the health club, running on the trail, running the art museum steps, or while shopping at Trader Joe’s, i desire not to abandon the world i’m living in at that moment to discuss anything with anyone.

I was not bothered by anyone today.  Not a soul grabbed my attention while i was at the gym, which may be a great thing as the world i lived in for 100 minutes today was a violent world.

The most dangerous playlist i have made in recent memory:
Avenged Sevenfold “Critical Acclaim”
Sytstem of a Down”P.L.U.C.K”
Shadows Fall “To ashes”
ASSJACK “No regrets” note- i am wearing my new ASSJACK Shirt right now :0
System of a Down “X”
Slipknot “Me inside”
Pantera “Hellbound & Death rattle”
System of a Down “Know & Sugar” anyone who owns the first album should know that these songs must be played back to back, similar to Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” and “Living Loving Maid”
And here is where it got lethal: Slayer/Ice-T “Disorder” from the Judgement Night movie soundtrack.
The Misfits “Devil’s Whorehouse”

40 minutes of metal, fueling the nice upper body testing/training session i had.  It made me want to smash windows, rip people’s faces off, set fire to buildings, and pillage/plunder until my belly was full and the thirst for blood slaked.  So nice i listened to it twice.
If i were a viking. . . .

. . . . this would be my trusted partner.
He appears friendly, and he is a big giver of love, but if he were trained to obey his instinct and kill me a boar for evening chow, he would not photograph so nice, eh? 
Recently, great things have been happening in and around your host, Bigger Will.  
-My client Doctor Bravo is smoking PRs like dry rubbed ribs every time she deadlifts or performs lat pull-downs and chest pressing.  
-Presicion Kettlebells’ Mike Barbato just squatted 290 with at least one more set in the bank, and deadlifed 435 last Tuesday.  He weighs 197 lbs.
-Renee has lost over 100 lbs.
-Mike Rush USMC/MNPD has gained almost 23 pounds of muscle since April.
-I hit intensity Personal Records in my clean and jerk on Wednesday, and on my hang cleans this morning.  
Details: Wednesday the barbell clean and jerk tested awesome so i moved around to see if it would test better.  I took a stance with my hips rotated slightly out, my right foot staggered 2-3 inches back from my left, and my right hand slightly wider on the bar than before.  The result?
135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205 for singles.  205 was my one rep maximum lift, or, the absolute most weight i could lift with no effort.  And then. . . 
210-215-220-225 for singles.  Yes, a 15 pound increase in my one rep maximum strength with no effort.  Or, a 7.3% increase.
Today?  Your buddy Large Will performed all reps of the hang clean, with the same asymmetrical stance, at 88.5% relative intensity for 10 minutes.  A Personal Record in reps performed at a higher intensity than previously known.
The plan?
Just consumed 8 eggs and two sausage links.  6 hours of sessions tonight at Kettlebells 4 U, Flyers Vs. Rangers tomorrow at 1300 hours, all my X-Mas shopping is done, and i am 140 pages into Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian.  If i am half the beast he is, you should fear me.
Just kidding! Go make it a great weekend.

>I am sure to sound like Crazy Eddie, or a carnival barker as i promote this, but this will be the first time i offer a sales package like this so allow me some room for goofiness, please.

The studio i train out of in Paoli is located one block from the Paoli train station and offers free parking around the clock.  We never have more than three clients in the studio at any time, so as to maintain the intimate environment a private personal training studio is known for.

The studio is named Kettlebells 4 U and it houses my business, Authentic Strength Training.  My hours of availability are Monday, Wednesday Friday from NOON-830PM, and Tuesday/Thursday from 0930-1PM.  I have been a successful personal trainer since September of 2002 and my recent experiments with clients have proved thoroughly effective.  My client Renee has lost over 100 pounds in 2 years and 36 pounds from this April through last week.  Astounding!

As part of the promotion to, in all honesty, drum up business and make money [what else?] my partner Gary and i have agreed to offer 8 sessions free in the month of January with the purchase of ten 45 minute sessions to be used from February 1st-March 15th.  It is quite a simple stipulation: purchase ten 45 minute sessions at the standard rate of 500.00 and after completion of the complimentary 8 sessions, we will begin to run through your purchased sessions.  Our aim to provide a ten-week training module that will allow you to springboard onto the path of a righteous, sexier body and improved quality of life through the training of quality movements and the use of the amazing Gym Movement protocol. 

I am sure you have been tantalized.  And i am sure that major financial decisions are made after the convening of heads-of-household and checking the bank books.  Please marinate on this offer and email me for more information: kettlebelltrainer@gmail.com

If you are interested in bringing in a partner to slice the cost of the ten-pack of sessions by 20%, please confer with your intended compadre and notify me of your interest via email or phone call. 

I will be making sales for this offer available to debit/credit card purchase as well as checks from 15 December to 5 January, only.  This is a “steal of a deal” and there are no stipulations other than the sessions purchased being used by 15 March.

Enjoy your week, and get back to me when you have time.

Thank you so very much for your previous commitment and i hope to see you again soon!