Nearly twenty years ago i was dumped on Valentine’s Day by my first ‘girlfriend’.  Boo hoo, right? Actually, ‘thank you’ is more appropriate.

If she had not said to me “if i could just put your head on his body, i would totally date you”, i am not sure how i would have discovered weight training.

Bruce Wayne, known commonly as the comic book detective Batman commits himself to fighting crime after his parents are murdered in front of him.

Frank Castle, Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam and NYPD officer commits himself to a life of vigilantism after his family is killed in front of him.  He is known in comic book circles as The Punisher.

Under extreme duress these characters performed an extreme transformation.  When they emerged, their world was a better place.

My situation bears no resemblance to theirs.

I did, however, create my own man-cave and wear a lot of black t-shirts with skulls on them.  And i own around 400 comic books.  Not a world record, yet after being dumped for a kid with a nicer body, i underwent a transformation.

In high school i lifted with friends.  In the military i read Arnold’s Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding.  And then i found the work of Pavel in Muscle Media Magazine.  I went from no guidance to written guidance to direct guidance and when i walked away from the Russian Kettlebell Challenge in 2010 i went on a self guided mission to “right every wrong” [thank you Charlie Sheen].

A more accurate description would be that I aim to resolve all of my pain issues, and compete, with regularity, in weightlifting meets and grip-strength sports.

With a self guided training career, i have come full-circle.  I have returned to regular, moderate doses of the things that i enjoyed so much before i attached myself to a school of strength training which enabled me to feel bad regarding my physique goals.  I heard many people talk about being strong as the only metric of success, and i felt like a softy for wanting to also look good.  This was my fault, mind you, no one else’s.  However, as impressionable as i am, and as often as i acquire new knowledge from outside sources, it is my responsibility to float among people whose stressors i can resolve, and not bury.

Yesterday, i trained arm curls, triceps pressdowns, drank an energy drink, ate a protein bar, and listened to Madonna.

It is ‘how’, and not ‘what’ i did that made me reflect.

Circa 2000 i was eating bars, listening to pop, training my arms, and drinking red bull.  This week, i perform well tested pinch grip curls to help my wrists stay healthy.  I drink a well tested Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink in order to help with my coffee consumption reduction.  I eat well tested Detour bars because, well, they taste OK and i did not bring anything with me to the studio.  I modified the triceps extension to see if it would test better and, well, by not locking my elbow joint and using the right foot position, i trained a move that should beef up my arms and have me stopping traffic real soon.

I test everything now.  Everything.  Books to read, nutritional supplements, energy drinks, exercises, situations, decisions, whatever.  Whatever is available to me i ask a question first: Will this help me get closer to my goal with no stress that i can not resolve?

There are stressors in this world i can not resolve.  I can not repair my Dad’s relationship to my Mom’s only sister.

But i can eat fish instead of pork if i ask the right question!

I can’t take back a very rude comment i made to someone who was always very nice to me and a big fan of my progress, but i have the ability to resolve how i act when someone else’s attitude disrupts mine.

I look far forward, and then i look at the steps in front of me.  I look towards the goal, then i make the immediate step towards it.

And it just so happens that 80s music, training my arms, and consuming sports nutrition supplements are making me happy this week.

What can we do, together, that moves us both forward.  As your coach, could i help you set and achieve a goal, or evaluate your station and help clarify a destination?

At Kettlebells 4 U, i offer a Physique Transformation package as well as the Physique Transformation Gold package.  These commitments are being offered to members of my Main Line School Night class from now until April 30th at a 20% reduction in price.

The Physique Transformation package includes:

Initial 90 minute assessment and goal setting meeting

Twelve one-on-one training sessions [45 minutes]

Email report once every week regarding your own workouts

Cost: Minus 20% until April 30th!

Physique Transformation GOLD

Initial 90 minute assessment and goal setting meeting

Twelve one-on-one training sessions [45 minutes]

Email report, unlimited access to me, every week regarding your own workouts

One personal food shopping trip, with me, to Trader Joe’s

One personally cooked meal featuring me in the kitchen

Cost: Minus 20% until April 30th!

Holy sexification, Batman! Has The Trainer gone crazy?

Not quite.  Yet, i will be asking myself why every single Main Line School Night student did not take advantage of this offer.

Just a few highlights from my career:

Trainer for VH1 “Celebrity Fit Club 2” Grand Master Champion Phil Margera

Featured in The Marine Corps Times, The Philadelphia Sunday Inquirer, Sirius “Faction 28” “Radio BAM” show, PhillyFIT magazine, and in TapOUT magazine, as a co-author of an article relating kettlebell training to Mixed Martial Arts.

We will only know if I can help you, if i have a chance to ask the question.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for your time and efforts over the past two months of training sessions.  As always, your sessions are densely packed with useful health and fitness info.
To be honest, I was skeptical of the precepts of the Gym Movement Protocol – breaking personal records every day with no effort.  However, under your watchful eye, it became very clear that this is a method that gets results.  It took some time to “unlearn” many of the bad habits and beliefs that I had developed after years of following “conventional” training wisdom, but the payoff has been well worth the wait.  I may have made some progress with my old training methods, but I would likely have been burned out , broken or hit a plateau and then eventually slid backward.
But with GM it almost feels like cheating – I’m making progress each day without effort, which means I’m fresh and ready to train every day.  It also means that, in spite of having chronic knee issues, I can use biofeedback methods to determine what exercises I CAN perform instead of spending 45 minutes doing corrective exercises that won’t fix a genetic problem.
If you’re reading this and are hesitant about training with Will, let me assure you that you will definitely get your money’s worth…and a whole lot more!
Get some,
the DA
p.s. can’t wait to add metabolic flexibility to my training arsenal

Tomorrow is another session with my boy Wil L from Trader Joe’s.  The first session at Kettlebells 4 U.

Around 6 months ago, while riding his bicycle at night with a friend, Wil was hit by a car and suffered serious, serious damage to his spine.  My man was in the hospital for months.  He has been home for three weeks and while is temporarily without the use of his legs [though he HAS sensation], his mental state is awesome and he is committed to training with me as often as his family can drive him to train with me.

In order to make the house wheelchair accessible, his father and mother Jack and Karen are footing beau-coup costs and even in some cases, missing work.  To facilitate a small comfort zone for the family, there is a benefit at Casey’s Saloon in Drexel Hill on Sunday, 3-27-11.  I am unable to attend due to my commitment at Trader Joe’s, yet Gary and I will be hosting a benefit class on Saturday, 3-26-11 at 1100AM.

The class will run 75 minutes, costs 25.00 and will include bodyfat and/or circumference measurements if you desire.  If you have no commitments that day, i look forward to seeing you here.  If you have commitments that day, break them, and come train with me.   My intention is get at least 10 people up here training that day, and if the weather is right, we may even change the location and listen to some Bob Marley.

Again, show your support by emailing me and confirming a spot.  We are limiting the class to 20 people.

Will you be one?

Saturday March 26th, 1100AM

Cost: 25.00, 100% of which is devoted to Wil’s family.

Kettlebells 4 U

17 South Valley Rd

Paoli, PA 19301

Personal/Client situation report:

Wow.  Clients just keep killin’ it here at Kettlebells 4 U.

Dr. Bravo squatted for 100lbs. and 105lbs., single reps yesterday.  Instead of St. Patrick’s Day at the Pub, we went to the BAR.

And with my return to Trader Joe’s three days a week, i have shifted my testing and training to grip strength, in order to prevent wrist and shoulder complaints, as well as much more flexibility work than ever before.

Today’s workout included some weapons maintainence [curls and triceps work], and rolling thunder 1 arm rows from various positions.

Also, the most interesting thing about me this week, is the shift in my basic daily routine.  Instead of waking up and pounding as much coffee as i can, i have tested coffee in several scenarios.  Drinking/not drinking within an hour of waking.  Drinking/not drinking before 12Pm.  And, testing coffee beans vs. Monster Energy Drink with range of motion testing.  if you desire a video of this, i will put it up no later than Sunday 3-20-11.