Yup, “like Moses through the corn”

. . .and getting faster!

Raw data:

Tuesday July 19th
400 meter run
2:18 [rest 3:00 between all sets]

600 meter run



Tuesday July 26th

rest for 2:00
600 meter run

Sunday July 31st

Lap 1

2:51 [rest 3:00 or more between all sets]

Lap 2


Lap 3


Lap 4

Lap 5


Indicates “Personal Record”

What to test next?

Well, with rest periods of over 3:00 facilitating sub-2:00 laps, we will ook at session density, which we have not before, as well as the 200m, to test next time.

Can she crack 50% of 1:41 on her 1/2 lap?

Well, she ran a 100 in 18.65, so yeah, it is likely she hits 200m in less than :45.

This will be my first client whose running will be guided by testing, the specificity model, and the absence of effort [her mild distaste for running will be overlooked]. My plan is to keep her goal in mind, and refer to the specificity model of her exercise history in order to look at what has not worked in the past, and test ‘away’ from that.

Thanks for coming along.


I’m not sure if you have been here before or not, but i thank you for attending, nonetheless.

A few months ago i posted a set of physique goals which i hoped to attain without delay due to injury or training stagnancy.

I: Your host has achieved one of those goals!
-My desire was to increase my body measurement in the shoulder width to 52.5″ and arms circumference to 17″ relaxed, while reducing the measurement to 35″ around my navel.

-On Friday, i was measured and quite happy with the result. If you watched my video post from last week you will know that i had stalled in gaining size and chose to introduce new things to my life to purposefully spawn growth.

-I applied varying degrees of carbohydrate ingestion using high, medium, and low
a) quality [intensity]
B) frequency [volume]
c) density

II. The final measurements from “stage 1″ reflect an 18lb bodyweight fluctuation and a nice-looking yet untrustworthy electronic bodyfat measurement, and some good feelings about the future.

Bodyweight 236.6
Body fat 12.6%
[I will forgo fat and fat free mass as the readings are so varied that they cannot be 100% accurate, but the trend of the BF% is worth looking to for a reference point]
Waist-shoulder differential .752
Neck 16.25″
Shoulders 48.5″
Waist 36.5″
Hips 45″
Right upper arm 15.5″
Left upper arm [same]
Right thigh 26.5″
Left thigh 27.5″
Right calf 17.75″
Left calf [same]
Right forearm 13″
Left forearm 12.75″

III. A differential of .666 waist to shoulder, which would be a decrease from the 3/28/2011 measurement, was the goal. I wanted the widest point of the area between my rib cage and hips to measure at 35″

Friday 7.22.2011
Bodyweight 242.8
Body fat 8.2%
Neck 16.5″
Shoulders 52.75″
Waist 36.5
Hips 44″
Right upper arm 15.5”
Left upper arm [same]
when pumped, the arms measure 17 1/8″ right and 17.5″ left
Right thigh 26.5″
Left thigh 27. 1/8″
Right calf 17. 7/8″
Left calf [same]
Right forearm 13″
Left forearm 13″

IV. Result
-I gained body mass and moved closer to the desired differential. A drop from .752 to .692
I am able to look at my training and food log and adjust the carbohydrate ingestion with aim to slim the waist.
See video 🙂


Much, if not all, of this food comes from Trader Joe’s

TJ’s Turkey Meatballs $2.99

-1 bag is 600 calories: 24g fat [12g saturated fat], 30g sugar, 72g protein

TJ’s New Zealand Grass Fed cow’s milk Sharp Cheddar Cheese $3.50

I eat the whole block, so the nutrition facts are roughly

1250 calories: 104g fat [73g saturated fat] Zero Sugar, 73g of protein

TJ’s Jumbo Eggs $1.79 for a dozen, i eat the whole dozen!

1080 calories: 60g fat [30g saturated fat] 12g sugar, 96g protein

TJ’s 0% Fat Greek Style Yogurt $4.99 i eat the whole container after my workouts.

480 calories: Zero fat, 28g sugar, 88g protein

Now and again i will dress this up with Stevia powder, raw agave syrup, or some berries.

TJ’s Ground Beef $.2.49/lb.

-Not grass fed or antibiotic free, but cheap and filling and delicious

1 pound for 2.49! 1160 calories, 92g fat [65g saturated fat], zero sugar, 88g protein

There you have it! 4,000 calories.

I hope you enjoyed the video.