What are Coffee, exercise, orgasms, social media?

The Jeopardy! question: things Eric Williams has had addiciton issues with.

Three days ago Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hosted #ROCKTALK on Twitter, offering the chance for his followers to engage him in live Tweet and Response Q&A. I happened to be on the train home from work and asked him what i thought was a query he would surely answer.


Without shame or hesitation i admit to being a former follower of The Rock on Twitter. I do not watch wrestling entertainment but as a fellow 6 feet and some inches beefcake, I find The Rock’s carer trajectory and physique appealing. Noted: the dude has a sick body. Anyone who has seen the films “Southland Tales” and “Fast 5” must know this.

So in the process of getting ready for production of the sixth installment in that movie franchise, he has transformed his physique something fierce. He has been huge (260lbs) and he has been ripped, but I’ve never seen him look as he does in the pictures he posts on Twitter. The guy trains twice a day and blesses God and The Easter Bunny on Twitter. He looks awesome. I’m on an ascent, departing a major depression and self abuse slump in my life and I find his body motivating. It’s “Bro-Love”, not lust. I would love to work out with him, but not shower with him.

So when i posited a LEGITIMATE TRAINING QUESTION to hom on social media website Twitter, and he did not respond, i got all bent out of shape and “unfollowed him”.

Then i got even more upset when his Tweets remained in my feed and saw his responses to questions like: “Who is your favorite reality TV star?”

My question: for your AM cardiovascular endurance training, have you ever stacked caffeine and supplemental Taurine? Black Coffee & 1000mg Taurine for example.

No response. But he like reality TV. So he can fuck a duck, for all i care.

And then i got really upset. I was checking my iPhone every chance i had to see if he had responded, to see if the Philadelphia Flyers had signed Shane Doan or Shea Weber.

Nothing navigate to this web-site.

So i removed the Twitter app from my phone. I said to myself: GET OFF THE CRACK. I broke up with facebok about three months ago and gained three hours of every day back. Twitter and I seemed destined for a laptop-only fling. A tryst where i would not be hollering at it every hour.

And naturally, 56 hours after removing the app from my phone, 50% of the great news i have ben waiting for comes over on Twitter at 1204AM EDT, Thursday 7/19/12. Can it be that The Dark Knight Rises 24 hours after Shea Weber signs an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers?


So, i thank my friend since 5th grade Lunch, Dan “Bubble Head” Bryan, for textign me at 0625 with the news.

Hands together, facing east, in prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Ghost of the ’74 and ’75 cup, that the Nashville Predators do not match the offer, and that #6 plays alongside Luke Schenn come October.