Speed, 1 Rep Max strength, height, meters.  What are they?


Which metrics do you consider when tracking progress?

Have you noted elements of less tangible gains?

Sleep notes?

Corporal’s log, 140912: I went video game mode and had a gripping nightmare about escaping a Truman Showesque chapter to this crazy Friday night dream.

I told myself when I took the self paced ZMA ‘stack’, that first evening, that I had read Dr. Mike T Nelson’s thoughts on ZMA.  It certainly relaxed my body and I went nice and dreamily somatically into sleep.

I awoke thinking I had Just escaped something like, oh, how do I say. . .







Here is what I consider when looking to progress through the motor learning period with the minimal effective amount of distress and working at about %80 capacity, %80 of the time.

-Sleep (purely quality of, not looking at how long I was out, but how deep I was under)

-Driving (am I fidgeting a lot when I drive, is my hip bothering me, should I be testing movements that will ease me in and out of my dear Scarlett lady?)



Dogs: am I rocking the appropriate footwear for a number 1?  Is it possible that this walk is going to be more than 2 minutes?  Shoes?  two pair of socks?


Tennis: Which feels better in the earlier stages of practice?  Service, forehand, backhand, footwork, mobiliTHAI*?????  Which raquet?

Also my seat of the pants looseness and effortlessness of sexual climax.

Have a nice weekend!



*MobiliTHAI is certain high kicking and fast/loose drills I believe Pavel displays in F&L, as well as basic movements I saw from observing Muay Thai at Dragon Gym, in Exton PA.


This is from about three weeks ago:

Time under Tension: what could that mean in reference to strength training?

As a strength trainer I can tell you that my training these days does not carry many drills which allow my body to stay under tension for too long.

Whereas my coach Adam Glass will perform calisthenics and gripping drills where one set can last about 45-75 seconds.  Hanging from a bar, picking something up, the dude is no dud.

My new job (old skills, new location) as an assistant department manger (produce) entails lifting, carrying, bent-at-the-waist food prep, reaching overhead, full squats, and lots of prolonged internal shoulder rotation when handling product-to-shelf.

Less time under tension, and less tension than at Trader Joe’s from 2008-2012, but my new venture is also 40+ hrs a week at a grocery store.  Same input, but hopefully a totally different output.

While at Trader Joe’s I presumed that recovery was automatically %100, cause tension was strength back then.  Around 2010 I decided that tension is an obstacle, and I am smarter than the wrath of it!  Today, after only two shifts into my first week of my new job, I can tell you that recovery is paramount!

And where does the recovery process start?  From the very conceptualization of training through the moment I wake up the next day.

Didn’t really know that until recently. . .

Embarrassing, yeah, but Big Willy is known for learnin’ the hard way (and taking the long way home).

Now, what actions that can further my gains can also promote recovery?

Answer: All of ’em!

First few things:

Economy of movement without the consequences of resisting movement (email about that if ya wanna talk!)

Apply spectrums to the specifics of my job and look for the movements that may also aid in recovery of my two fitness/sports vocations: farmers walks at grip-spec and tennis

Just because a PsyD referred me to N-acetyl-L-cysteine and it blocks the ‘high buzz’ of caffeine does not mean caffeine no longer affects me (free coffee at my new job!)

More to come,


But I won’t let that bring me down.

I used to be strong.  Kinda strong.  Not for a big man but for a guy with so many injuries I used to move really well and smoove like.

Now, I break my toe walking the dogs and hurt my back from sleepin’ good.

Only cause you got me feelin’ like this,  so right right right right right, will I continue to work.

If anyone else I know had as many injuries as I have, I would have someone to talk to.  Instead I have a whiteboard and some ADD.

Instead, I talk to my dogs, and the camera.  Hell, I filmed myself shaving this morning just to have documentation that I did actually go crazy.  Just so there’s no debate.

To my friends Wil and Bernie, both in wheelchairs, thank you for the perspective.  Thanks for reminding me that it takes so much more to care and see shit through than to pack it up and move down by the river.


Why today, Willy?  What’s different?

My brain is working slower and so is my body.  I have been supplementing with an amino acid for the last two months, testing my dosage and frequency, and there are internal changes to the environment that I’ve not yet turned to my advantage.

My body hasn’t hurt this much in years.  I got some kinda flare up going on.  I’m here to entertain & inform you and myself in this post so this day is not a total waste.

With my ADD, anxiety, and pain issues it can be very hard for me to produce anything on any given day.  Today I kinda eased into this post with some video posts and an episode of Law & Order.  Now listening to serious beats and trying to take this task to text, I’m aware that there are things I can do and can not do today.

What can’t I do?

Or, what should I lay off of today?

Exercise.  I have a painful and inflamed left foot and my back is very touchy due to the alternating nights on the couch/bed.  There are other ways to move forward in my life and career.  Moving with stated intent is not on my plate right now.  I may not benefit from it today so I look at what else is out there.

What else to lay off?

Supplements.  I’m too inflamed to ingest anything.  Even my eyes hurt yesterday.

What CAN I do?





Ask questions

Feel my dogs’ furry love


eat/drink/love (food/water/myself!)

At times I get bummed that I have limits.  At times I recall what I used to look like, how I used to move, who used to call me, etc.  Nostalgia ain’t got me nowheres but back down in a hole.  At times I pray I could relive the past.  Future hasn’t looked bright lately.

But that’s just me.

I can’t even see tomorrow, right now, but I can just live today.