Limited tennis practice

Just took two of my racquets to get restrung

nutrition is good

too much sleep

my dogs are unruly

went to a new barber

(certainly looks like it)

Rafa is in Basel

Cowboys 6-1???

lost one of my tooth bonds eating a turkey hoagie

not the best few days to report but honestly I got too much else going on

Fitness is in the backseat


It had me all screwed up.  Pain.

The ebbs and flows do allow me to go weeks without flare ups, but yesterday, the tide was in LAMF.

My new job is %80 less grueling and demanding than Trader Joe’s, and %100 less aggravating than Starbucks.

As a crew member (in training to be a boss for about three months at the end of my term) with Trader Joe’s I spent hours a day crouching, bending, kneeling, reaching, lifting, and generally furthering injuries I sustained in my life.

As an assistant store manager for Starbucks I almost went crazy and moved to the desert just to escape Americans.  The job had no physical component but I am still psychologically scarred from the chastising by an _____ _____ _______ ________ from North Carolina.

This new job, Assistant Department Manager of Produce, is less of both the previous stressors in frequency, intensity, and duration.  Less physical work, fewer horrible Americans, and only 40 hours a week.  Joe’s was 50 hours, and Starbucks was just awful.

Yesterday, my 6th shift with this new company, was the first shift I took where my body really revolted against whatever I was doing.  What is most interesting, is that this new pain surfaces after I logged all the movements I’d done the first week of work, in order to apply spectrums and create a set of movements that can prevent RSI, increase productivity, keep me happy and working a total of 52 hours/week while setting up the future of gymnasiums (top secret clearance only).

So, yesterday, my right knee was screaming.  SCREAMING.

Today, it is fine.  NO idea what was up with it, nor do I care.  What is important is that the movements I performed when I got home from work seem to have set me up for recovery.  Also, last night was only the third night I’ve taken my homemade ZMA stack.  Whatever the cause, the pain seems to have been resolved.

Moving on, here is the list of movements that are specific to my new job:

-Standing 8 hours a day

-Bent at the waist while stocking (arms reaching down and up, in and out, in and up, and down and in)

-Arms overhead when bringing products down from high shelves

-Cleaning things from knee to head height with rags and brushes

-Sweeping, scrubbing floors

-Cleaning and chopping, tagging and bagging produce

-Bent at waist, hips, knees with neck extended stocking shelves awkwardly

I took these movements and anatomically articulated what they entail regarding specificity, that is to say, I created a list of physiological characteristics of my job.

From there, I build component and contraspecific movements that help me move OUT of a posture I’m putting myself in.  In short, my workouts these next few months will serve to position me for the following goals:

Aesthetic/physiological/psychological goals

Reduce pain

Increase range of motion

Increase speed

Prevent repetitive stress injuries at work and from tennis

Enhance performance at my new sport, tennis (serve accuracy, forehand power)

Increase my shoulder circumference to “56, presently “52.5

Decrease waist circumference to “36, presently a disgusting “42.5

Decrease bodyweight to a number which corresponds to the above desired outcomes

Performance goals

One hand pinch lift 75lbs

Two hand pinch lift 1/2 bodyweight

Painless set of 20 chins using any grip or any group of grips (by this i mean changing hand position on the bar to adhere to fatigue specificity and get those 20 chin ups!)

And I would like to beat a man my age at tennis



Thanks for joining me today, I will keep you updated.