I ran yesterday for the first time in awhile.

I did not HAVE to run, I simply chose to take the last 1 mile during the walk back from my mechanic, and make the ‘Corps proud.

Here are the signals that I pushed it too hard yesterday

-Woke up sore, my back and both big toes are inflamed
-Said sensations are slowing me down, physically, this morning
-5 espresso shots only brought me to homeostasis
-What does that last one have to do with anything?
-I am cranky and hungry

I will check in later after I do something that I can do eustressfully.


Elite Athletic Club West Chester, PA 2007

Elite Athletic Club
West Chester, PA 2007

Nice training session today. Nothing fancy about it so I will simply drop the record on ya:

10 x 50m various strokes, heart rate between 112-122 BPM after side stroke and free style
time 12:45

4.2 miles, dropped my truck off at the mechanic and ran home. Beautiful day in Germantown, Phila

This image made me happy