I have pondered changing my name recently.  William Penn.  Will Ericsson.  Wille WC.


Eric Californiams sounds good, today. . .tomorrow is not promised.  I fly these flags because they are my America.  They are my college, my dream, my birthright, and my chosen responsibility.  I was born in the place whereupon this nation was declared.  I was born in the same city as the Marine Corps.  I have the blood of the continental native in my blood and the following statement is my declaration of dependence.

I have completed my vote by mail ballot in the state of California. I listened to Asian Dub Foundation and RATM while researching to confirm my vote. The electoral college is what I mean when I say “a rigged system”. Though I am 100% with him on that, I did not vote for The Donald, as he can’t possibly be talking about what I am saying. I do belive state and local ballots are NOT 100% rigged, so naturally I cast my full, four page ballot. Please do your research. Know the electoral procedures for your state’s electoral votes. They may sit beholden to the party, but you can shout, and grow, with each election, especially every 2 years. . .

I would not have had the chance to cast a CA ballot, or even know myself a little more this year enough to do so, without my love, and partner, and client, and best friend Jacqueline Michelle, PhD.

Captain Crunch for Harbor Master!
Judge Reinhold for whatever the title of the unopposed position!
Gotta have some fun. I used to write vulgar stuff all over HHS in a giant toxic marker, recall those days? Thank you to Dr. Rotoli and Carol Durso and Bubba and Danielle and Scott A. and Greg and Sarah and Jay H. and Trusty and Terrance Gant and Kurt Vonnegut.

Honorable mention to the The Green Cross medical cannabis and Lagunitas Brewery for getting me through these last few months.

“Cause I’m cell locked in the doctrines of the right
Enslaved by dogma, ya talk about my birthrights
Yet at every turn I’m runnin’ into Hell’s gates. . .

. . .with five centuries of penitentiary
in the year of the boomerang

Now, it’s upon you”
-Zack De La Rocha




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