I have bad feet that can not be detailed for the masses.  My feet are growing rapidly (bunions) and I have been at 250lbs., or more, of bodyweight since 2012.  I moved to a glorious area, where I can hike every day.  However, after two months of 10+ hikes over 8 weeks, I suffered a very small, terribly placed split on my foot.  This was a wound so small, I could not even take a picture of it.  It was a minor laceration due to dry skin/bad feet/being 20 lbs. overweight.  It was located on my foot in a spot which, with every step, sent a lightning quick strike of pain all the way into my intestines.  I chose a path, that day.  I now apply lotion to my feet several times a day, and wear three pairs of socks in 24hrs.  I can not be reduced to a whimpering, shower shoe wearing Uber driver that can’t even put on sneakers, ever again.


This unfortunately placed situation kept me off the trails, but drove me into the pool.  At Burlingame, HS, outdoors, under sunny skies, I have been swimming short course for the last month.  At $6/drop in, or 20 swims for $100.00 USD, it is a very good deal.

My workout consists of the following, in no specific order or ratio:

Cossack tread, that is to say, treading water with only leg action.  My hands are folded over my chest or at my hips. 10-15 minutes at a clip.


When I swim laps, they are a short course medley.  The pool is broken up into 18 x 25m lanes, and a 50m traverse takes 1:20 to 2:00.

If I clear 50m in less than a minute and a half, my HR is around 124+ beats per minute.  I can handle that without any pot-smoker’s paradox.

If I stack fast laps into a 150m set, my HR is about 146+ and climbing!

The faster 50m are usually a side stroke/power skiff maneuver that I use specifically to address the 1997 and 2001 motor vehicle accident injury residue.

Slower sets are back stroke, or other CWS moves.  HR around 84 BPM.

Thank you, have a nice day.



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