12 months ago I had been ‘off’ from physical training for a solid 7 months.

Today, i can state that swimming and hiking are my two most frequent and voluminous activities.  While more sustainable than hiking, swimming carries a level of responsibility that i have yet to settle in for.  Far, far less of an investment than a gym membership, swimming  requires regular upgrades in equipment.  Earplugs, shower shoes, and $5 a swim is nothing compared to the receipts i racked up when i was a meathead.

Weight training was a more entertaining addiction than swimming has been.  I find that to be a good thing.  Spending up to 40 minutes in an outdoor pool requires, from me, a total focus, or a state similar to sensory deprivation.  There is nothing to look at but the sky, and the pool is located near the airport, making for a wonderful situation where i can hear nothing, feel nothing, and do everything.  Yesterday, i was the fifth member of the Impossible Mission Force, swimming 25m as fast as i could and then changing direction, diving for the floor, resurfacing, only to breach with the top of my head.

Yes, that is the scenario i create to keep it interesting in the water.  While treading water, my heart rate rarely climbs above 85 beats per minute, and things are boring.  Nearly 80% of my tank training is water-treading or treading water for recovery, meaning, my heart rate gets sky high after lap swimming or change-of-direction work, and i choose to tread water to let my HR decline steadily.  That being said, the tank training where i tread water to the exclusion of other movements is often after a long hike.

So, 1 in 5 trips to the pool is a speed training/COD lesson, and during other sessions I follow the parameters of my physical state at that moment.  I do what I can, however I can.

And my mind wanders. . .

It wasn’t like that in the gym.  So much external stimulus in those gyms!  More than enough to listen to, look at, smell. . .

But now, my training is done in near solitude.  In quiet environments.

This is nothing for me to complain about, i am simply not used to it.

Settling in to settling in to train may just be an interloping goal.

Raining here, no swim or hike today.  That does not mean I can not practice guiding myself toward an adaptative response today. . .

I tested some movements in the home-gym and this is what came up:

Shrug: 9 sets totaling 6,950lbs

79LB for 3 sets, and 80lb for 6 sets (two kettlebells, two DBs).

Bent row: 35lb for 6 sets totaling 3,100lbs. in 7:00 (kettlebell and DB).

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