More than once, I have wasted money.  I once purchased a truck I could not drive properly (3 on-the-tree), and sold it back to the guy for 1/4 the cost.   The following year, I purchased a 1978 El Dorado for $900, and it caught on fire a week later, on the 5 freeway in San Clemente, CA.  I purchased $410 of dietary supplements from (insert name of multi-level sports nutrition marketing program here) and instead of selling them , as was my plan, I consumed most of them and the rest went bad after legendary humidity in September 2007, along with countless other instances of derelict or delinquent behavior.

I am here to tell you, the reader, that you need not commit time or money to exercise sets/reps instruction any longer.  Or, at least for the next 4 minutes.  Don’t buy any fitness products while reading this!

The signals from your body which alert you to stress, pain, danger, arousal may also be tracked in fitness training.  That is to say, signs of impending distress during exercise or performance training can be recognized and respected, and may guide the user toward a more adaptable state.

Hooray!  We did it.

Did we?  Well. . .

Allow me to try again: Moving forward with your training, moving closer towards plotted points on your transformation navigation chart, can be done real easy.

Recognizing and respecting the signals of impending distress, and guiding your training away from crappy movements and reps may ease your body into performance progression and nutritional excellence.  Giving yourself enough of a dose to move forward is boring, and strategically advantageous.  Play the long game with your body, and your habitual fitness practices.

This may all be visible with regard to your training numbers in about six weeks if you listen to me (wink).