December 28 of 2015 was a memorable day.  Brotherhood, and fascination.  I drove a friend to his ma’s house, and we are tight because he and i both served in the US armed forces.  We have much beyond that to talk about each time we meet.

That would assume the brotherhood influence upon 28 of December 2015.

When i entered his mother’s house, i saw her ground floor rooms were adorned with all manner of elephant figures.  Wood, stone, etc.  The room was awash in something i have been fascinated with for too long to detail; furthermore, i was overcome by a feeling of calm at that very moment.  It lasted until mid-March.  A glorious warmth that assured me each day.

At that point, i had been swimming for fitness 3-4 times a week for 3 months.  And, prior to that, 5 months of deconditioning due to zero activity upon a stress fracture in a toe.  Gained like 40 pounds since February 2012.  Swimming is the best course for me.  Running, lifting, jumping, tennis, and soccer all created distressful situations for my tissue.  I was chronically jacked up from 2012 through October 2015 when i began to swim regularly.

I am aquarius.  I am water sign.

Swimming has been a part of my life since 1987, yet this is the very first time it has become the paramount.  Since fracturing a bone in my right foot, training in the water has been

A) accessible

B) appealing

C) adaptable

Not since 2002 have i trained in an outdoor pool.  The sessions do not resemble any common aquatic training.  That is to say: i do not swim laps exclusively.  I often tread water and practice various movements that i could not perform on dry land without a stunt-crew wire team.  Twists, turns, pirouhuettes, flips, kicks, and all forms of Marvel comic fan fun.

I spent 1987-1997 in a pool during the summers.  My folks enjoyed swimming and poolside partying, so we had swim club memberships at both gen-pop and fancy schmancy swim clubs.

In the US Marine Corps I was a ____ who failed the helo-dunker and could not swim 25m underwater.  Not impressive.  This was 1999-2002, and at 250lbs and not too much bodyfat, i was a log.  They called me that because i would sink.  Also, due to a lack of buoyancy, i would swim laps for fitness and be exhausted, as i was trying to swim faster than i could sink.

Now, at 265lbs., my physique nothing nice to look at, i float like an otter, and swim easier than i ever have.

I am grateful for the chance to swim with ease, however, i am aware of the paradox ahead:

Part of the body’s adaptive response to swimming is to retain a certain amount of bodyfat.

Now, here is my plan to make a fork in the road of my own training prior to committing any time to tank training which will not make me better:

As usual I will record elements of my workouts, including

-distance traveled

-total time

-heart rate in beats per minute, at certain increments

When the above listed metrics indicate that I am a much more proficient swimmer than I was in October 2015, I will cross reference my physique transformation record. That is to say:

if I am becoming a better swimmer by the clock, but not losing any more body fat, I will have to adjust my training from there.

Have a strong day,

Will Williams