A trainer’s thesis

Potato-head style breakdown for human adaptation

I can not teach a collegiate-level class on the physiological points of adaptation as it applies to strength training, however, I may be best qualified at the moment to guide your training toward the most adaptable conditions.

Let us begin with this outlook: your commitment to performance and physique development is a ball rolling across a grass field.  Our goal is cross the line at the end of the field. No chillin’ though.  No victory dance.  You reassess position and orientation (where you are, where you are going) and the next goal line is selected.  Our strategy is to kick, throw or manually transport the ball across the field, keeping enough air in the sphere and enough gas in your tank to move forward.  Growing the entire time as a skilled and sexy organism.

Think: Ronaldo with Messi’s feet, or in one package:

Serena Williams

There is no one path that is exclusive which gets you to your goal, yet there are more direct paths with fewer defenders/obstacles which you may select, if you choose wisely.

May I help?


Keeping it simple as possible, I ask: can you refrain from recklessly or routinely pushing yourself toward any point where Elements Of Effort are signaling throughout your training?

I encourage the trainee to uncork their inner gorilla in measured amounts during training, in order to preserve the savagery for competition.

This sounds backward and crazy, but we have the advantage of time- we are starting fresh.