About your author and coach

I consider only one thing sacred and true: the state of inter-being.


Please allow for this brief claim:

I am a male, born in the same place as this nation: Philadelphia, who has voted in four presidential elections, passed 5 or more background checks since 2012, and I descend from a line of military servicemen on the maternal and paternal sides.  Let’s shed the formality: I have been training people and writing about it (and some other things) since 2002.

Let us hope I remember my manners. . .

Before reading

If I were to ask you to maintain a “principle of primary association” to a thesis in each post, would that be too much to ask?  If so, close tab and re-route.  I only ask that you work with me one idea at a time.

I mean, heck, you did click through one place or some thing to get this info.  You may as well keep the primary association in mind.

“Association of ideas, or mental association, is a process by which representations arise in consciousness, and also for a principle put forward by an important historical school of thinkers to account generally for the succession of mental phenomena. It is used mostly in the history of philosophy and of psychology” -Google

While reading

This is where we are going today: inside & outside.  We are going for the succession of mental phenomena and the representations of experience which arise in consciousness.

Come with me, forward on an avenue which offers tangential threads, and twists & turns which aid in gradual revealing.  They may even guide toward forms of healing.  Each post which offers a thesis is open to all discussion and I may be reached at kettlebelltrainer@gmail.com

The writer’s simple requests: when you disagree with anything, anything at all, simply recall that I’m asking you to explore an idea through avenues previously untraveled, to adopt the perspective of a life-form and lifetime/space, and part of that is to remove thoughts and reactions from your reading experience and, well. . .experience.