I have bad feet that can not be detailed for the masses.  My feet are growing rapidly (bunions) and I have been at 250lbs., or more, of bodyweight since 2012.  I moved to a glorious area, where I can hike every day.  However, after two months of 10+ hikes over 8 weeks, I suffered a very small, terribly placed split on my foot.  This was a wound so small, I could not even take a picture of it.  It was a minor laceration due to dry skin/bad feet/being 20 lbs. overweight.  It was located on my foot in a spot which, with every step, sent a lightning quick strike of pain all the way into my intestines.  I chose a path, that day.  I now apply lotion to my feet several times a day, and wear three pairs of socks in 24hrs.  I can not be reduced to a whimpering, shower shoe wearing Uber driver that can’t even put on sneakers, ever again.


This unfortunately placed situation kept me off the trails, but drove me into the pool.  At Burlingame, HS, outdoors, under sunny skies, I have been swimming short course for the last month.  At $6/drop in, or 20 swims for $100.00 USD, it is a very good deal.

My workout consists of the following, in no specific order or ratio:

Cossack tread, that is to say, treading water with only leg action.  My hands are folded over my chest or at my hips. 10-15 minutes at a clip.


When I swim laps, they are a short course medley.  The pool is broken up into 18 x 25m lanes, and a 50m traverse takes 1:20 to 2:00.

If I clear 50m in less than a minute and a half, my HR is around 124+ beats per minute.  I can handle that without any pot-smoker’s paradox.

If I stack fast laps into a 150m set, my HR is about 146+ and climbing!

The faster 50m are usually a side stroke/power skiff maneuver that I use specifically to address the 1997 and 2001 motor vehicle accident injury residue.

Slower sets are back stroke, or other CWS moves.  HR around 84 BPM.

Thank you, have a nice day.



I have pondered changing my name recently.  William Penn.  Will Ericsson.  Wille WC.


Eric Californiams sounds good, today. . .tomorrow is not promised.  I fly these flags because they are my America.  They are my college, my dream, my birthright, and my chosen responsibility.  I was born in the place whereupon this nation was declared.  I was born in the same city as the Marine Corps.  I have the blood of the continental native in my blood and the following statement is my declaration of dependence.

I have completed my vote by mail ballot in the state of California. I listened to Asian Dub Foundation and RATM while researching to confirm my vote. The electoral college is what I mean when I say “a rigged system”. Though I am 100% with him on that, I did not vote for The Donald, as he can’t possibly be talking about what I am saying. I do belive state and local ballots are NOT 100% rigged, so naturally I cast my full, four page ballot. Please do your research. Know the electoral procedures for your state’s electoral votes. They may sit beholden to the party, but you can shout, and grow, with each election, especially every 2 years. . .

I would not have had the chance to cast a CA ballot, or even know myself a little more this year enough to do so, without my love, and partner, and client, and best friend Jacqueline Michelle, PhD.

Captain Crunch for Harbor Master!
Judge Reinhold for whatever the title of the unopposed position!
Gotta have some fun. I used to write vulgar stuff all over HHS in a giant toxic marker, recall those days? Thank you to Dr. Rotoli and Carol Durso and Bubba and Danielle and Scott A. and Greg and Sarah and Jay H. and Trusty and Terrance Gant and Kurt Vonnegut.

Honorable mention to the The Green Cross medical cannabis and Lagunitas Brewery for getting me through these last few months.

“Cause I’m cell locked in the doctrines of the right
Enslaved by dogma, ya talk about my birthrights
Yet at every turn I’m runnin’ into Hell’s gates. . .

. . .with five centuries of penitentiary
in the year of the boomerang

Now, it’s upon you”
-Zack De La Rocha




They aren’t what we thought they were.

The rules, that is.

Folks, I’m at a point where I can not, I say can not stand it.  I’m as heated as Yosemite Sam, confounded as Foghorn Leghorn, and as perturbed as Daffy Duck.  The only things I am not, are as racist as Bugs Bunny, or a brute, like Crusher:


Before I came to believe that he was recruited and trained by the CIA to be their in-house counsel, I thought barack Obama was the guy I thought he was.  I thought he was a dude who hit the streets and worked it to the top-seat.  I certainly believe he has accomplished great things, yet I understand now that the humans which inhabit the office of POTUS are a continuation of one another, over time.  That being said, I feel his intelligence and mastery of US constitutional law would have gotten him a top-job with any firm, anywhere in the world.  But he was touched by the unseen hand early, and the man wanted office.  THE office.  At my age, participating in my fifth election, I feel that this is as close to truth as it gets:

The presidential seat is not promised to anyone, yet each election there is a candidate who has the favor of some big, big money and special interests, and the race is theirs to lose. I can’t explain why, but I believe Barack Obama is a CIA agent who is functioning as their in-house counsel from the position where the US constitution can be rewritten with ease.

I certainly do not care where Obama was born, how much time he spent in the Phillippines, or what his intention was with the affordable care act.   

Here is my 3 up, 3 down with the last 8 years.


  1. Up with marriage equality getting passed on his watch, I do not care who financed it.
  2. Up with Cuba.  All the way, up, Chief.
  3. Up with commuting the sentences of nearly 500 Americans who were jailed for drug offenses.


And now, down. . .

  1. Down with the NDAA the rotten sore on the face of mother Earth that is US Military Detention Center Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  2. Down with the stroke of your pen that legalized the rule-of-law violations from the previous administration
  3. Down with the Iran nuclear deal (hope I bump into you on the North Shore someday so I can ask you about that)

Now that I have proved my ability to stay apprised of current events, there are three questions that require your attention:

-You may not wear clothing or display any support for any candidate or ballot measure when you vote at the polls

-The popular vote is cast, but does not determine the outcome of the race

-Your state of residence contains an electorate (group of incumbent representatives) who is required to vote for the candidate their party has nominated

Do the research and tell me how your vote will count.  Will it?

Do you live in a democracy?

We do not have a direct election.

You live in a republic, not even a representative democracy. . .

and you are free to do as they tell you.

State law 6909:

The electors, when convened, if both candidates are alive,
shall vote by ballot for that person for President and that person
for Vice President of the United States, who are, respectively, the
candidates of the political party which they represent, one of whom,
at least, is not an inhabitant of this state.