JR Barone
13 year old hockey player. Plays forward at 60″ and 103lbs. He led his team in scoring until he broke his foot on the ice. I trained his sister, a collegiate swimmer, all last summer and until the season began. After he snapped his hoof his mother signed him up with me and said he needed to stay fit and gain size and strength. I said “give him to me for twelve sessions”.

In six 45 minute sessions over 3 weeks he has gained 1.5 pounds of bodyweight and made the following improvements.


His lat pull down intensity progress from 25-35-45-50-60-75% bodyweight (I am using his BW as 100% relative intensity since he can do two chin ups) for well tested sets.


His suitcase deadlift has had a 346% volume increase and small density increases each session.

To date: His barbell press has increased 321% and seen an intensity increase of 20%, as well as a 75% volume increase in our most recent session.

Now, anyone can get straight improvement in their first six workouts, but for what purpose and at what cost? What I believe to be true is that training quality, tested movements with varying degrees of specificity and the minimum amount of distress allows for a more likely percentage of straight up no pain all gain than if a user were to “push through” and use excessive tension. That is what a movement which tests well is capable of- easily resolved stress in the body.

So, what impresses me most about this kid is that he is 60″ tall and weighs 107.5lbs. (152.4 cm and 48kg) and leads his team in scoring. His mom told me there is a kid on his team who is 6’1″ and 210lbs., which is indicative of other kids in the league. He is quick and crafty with a high hockey IQ.

I hope to post more of #97s improvements after today’s session.

My belief is that there are signals to be obeyed as yellow and red lights even if a movement tests well. Some signals arrive promptly and some are delayed. Not everyone can lift a million pounds in 31 days with the minimum amount of distress. Which is why ATG’s month of “Manuary” is relevant. Seven digits if volume with minimal to no effort.

So when are you coming to the studio for a session?

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